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4 Ways of Workplace Safety RTLS During Pandemic

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Workplace Safety RTLS Technology

Bringing employees back to work safely means leveraging all the tools you have available — that can include establishing healthy work practices, arranging workspaces for social distancing,  and creating clearly defined protocols to ensure any new case is quickly identified and transmission is prevented. Technology can do more. In fact, with the right technology solution in place, businesses can provide automated assurance to workers that any potential risky event or behavior will be identified. And by knowing they will be warned of risk, your workers and management can feel confident that they are working in a safe and healthy environment.

Real time location systems (RTLS) securely track the location and proximity of your workers, identifying when social distancing rules required for your business are being adhered to. That can mean not only tracking when individuals are too close, but the length of their exposure or frequency. When pre-defined rules are not adhered to, the system automatically alerts those involved so that they can respond appropriately. And it’s not just a matter of identifying risky events but also preventing them in the first place. With the use of RTLS, employers can ensure that both the necessary proactive and responsive safety measures are in place to prevent transmission.

What is RTLS? How does it work in terms of pandemic safety?

While companies are offering various technology solutions to track where people are and their proximity to other people and things, RTLS is uniquely suited to capture that information fast, alert users accordingly, and create historical data for analytics.

It works this way – RTLS anchors or gateways are mounted around your office, yard or other workspace to receive transmissions from a battery-powered badge or lanyard worn by each employee. As they move around their workspace (whether a large assembly site, warehouse, office or hospital), the system uses triangulations and received signal strength to identify exactly where each individual is. This ensures that when two individuals are within an unsafe proximity, for a specific amount of time, the technology knows it and can respond accordingly. And it goes much further than that.

At Litum®, we build the solution that suits your environment. The RTLS Pandemic Work Safety Solution can provide geo-fencing and zone-based business rules, for instance, to understand when an individual enters an unsafe or unauthorized zone or when the maximum number of people occupy a specific space. Litum RTLS solutions enable users to employ privacy settings, and that employee identity is private and secure. Our RTLS solution has no limitation to the number of tags being provided so that your entire company, no matter the size, benefits from the technology’s data.

With workplace safety RTLS, your company can gain some key benefits that provide the COVID-19 pandemic work safety and security needed to help your business’ team members stay healthy and productive:

Social Distancing Management 

By knowing when employees have been in contact and alerting those employees, companies can ensure that they keep interactions safe and prevent any virus spread. Workers can be assigned an electronic tag — worn on a lanyard, as a clip-on, or carried in a pocket–  and the system follows predefined proximity limits to automatically remind workers when they need to step away or modify the behavior or movement through tag vibrations that increase in frequency as exposure continues. This is one of the most used tactics of workplace safety RTLS.

Alerts Tailored to Company Needs

By tracking when employees have been in proximity with each other beyond a specific period of time, employers can receive alerts and thereby view real-time issues as well as understand the work environment. Data helps track patterns such as high-demand or overcrowded meeting rooms, warehouse space that doesn’t allow proper distancing, or lunchroom scheduling issues. Employers can also create the appropriate parameters related to the number of people and duration as well as the distance that is acceptable according to the needs at their site with RTLS to ensure workplace safety.

Contact Tracing

If an employee tests positive for COVID-19, or experiences symptoms, the technology serves as a tool to identify who has been within contact with that individual over the past 14 days. This workplace safety RTLS solution can offer privacy to personnel by tracking individuals based on the tag’s unique ID only. In that way, warnings can be forwarded to the tags of those at risk without requiring or collecting data about the identities of those workers.

Cleaning Prioritization

Another key strategy for preventing spread is identifying where a COVID-19 positive employee has been, whether they have been in meeting rooms, public areas, or other workspaces, and cleaning accordingly. With RTLS, cleaning staff can be alerted to focus on areas where that individual has been, first, to ensure there is no potential for infection spread through surfaces, supporting COVID-19 work safety.

All these and more are possible with the Litum RTLS system. And with our real-time employee tracking solution, you can ensure that your company complies with local safety regulations that are in place.

In the long term, once the solution is deployed at your worksite, your investment will deliver benefits far beyond social distancing and contract tracing. With the infrastructure in place, and with a smart system capturing and managing data about activity around your facility, it can be scaled to serve new applications such as tracking of assets, management of personnel traffic, scheduling of meeting or lunchrooms, and enabling analytics to design your workspace for optimal efficiency.

Litum has offered turnkey and custom-designed solutions for nearly two decades to provide locating tracking and monitoring solutions with high-level accuracy and artificial intelligence. We help clients in industries that include manufacturing, healthcare, transportation, aviation corporate, and construction. Litum solutions are used by Fortune 500 companies, governments, and industry leaders around the world.

Our Pandemic Workplace safety RTLS Solutions are being used to support businesses in their fight against the pandemic. Our decades of experience make Litum uniquely suited to solve the challenges being faced by businesses in this unprecedented time.

Read our next article to learn more about how Litum RTLS Systems help your business improve pandemic safety.

Contact a Litum RTLS expert, and let’s find out the best solution for your business together.