Real-Time Tracking Systems for Aviation

Create a connected network of vehicles, ground support equipment (GSE) and staff with more control over the coordination of airport services

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    Improve workflows and on-time departures with Litum RTLS Solutions optimized for airports and aviation industry and increase the efficiency of ground handling and maintenance operations.  Solutions specially designed for improved efficiency by providing real-time tracking and control over all the resources at terminals and cargo areas.

    Track all employees enterprise-wide, even in remote work areas

    Maximize the utilization of all important GSE assets with real-time tracking

    Track line maintenance teams, parts, tools and kits and maximize productivity across the board

    Improve workflows and assign work orders to individuals based on actual availability

    RTLS Solutions for Aviation Use Case


    Employee Tracking

    Improve value-added activities and workflows, eliminate inefficiencies and reduce operational costs through organizational analytics.


    Asset Tracking

    Manage assets from afar throughout their lifecycle. Eliminate retrieval time, reduce lost, stolen and misplaced assets.


    Maintenance Tracking

    Reduce maintenance procedures and optimize maintenance flow.


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    Find out how U.S.-based International Flavors Fragrances (IFF) has boosted worker safety and visibility for emergency response by deploying wireless intelligence solution from Litum.

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    Industrial use cases



    Location intelligence solutions to improve occupational safety and optimize asset and workforce utilization

    Workers working on a construction site


    Real-time Location Systems to monitor every employee and each piece of equipment in real-time with a digital twin of the construction site


    Mining, Oil & Gas

    Real Time Tracking Systems developed for high-risk environments to improve occupational safety and process efficiency