RTLS Systems for Indoor Tracking

Transform, reach beyond with Real-Time Location Tracking. Litum delivers UWB RTLS solutions with fully integrated tags, sensors, and software.

Litum delivers UWB RTLS solutions with fully integrated tags, sensors, and software.

Real World Applications of Litum RTLS Systems

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International Flavors Fragrances (IFF) has boosted worker safety and visibility for emergency response by deploying innovative location intelligence system from Litum RTLS.

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Simeco/TEKA has streamlined workflows and reduced human error for its kitchen appliances line by Litum’s custom process tracking system, powered by RFID technology.

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Litum transformed the way Ferrero conducts its evacuation exercises. It takes the company 70% less time to know that people are safely evacuated, or who still need to be located.

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    Location Insights for Business Growth & Sustainability

    Increase productivity and safety of people, equipment and sites with real-time indoor tracking

    Assets & Site


    Indoor Location Tracking Analytics

    Benchmark performance, activities and outcomes
    Why Litum?
    Accurate & Reliable
    Sub-meter accuracy with very low latency: the optimal solution for most critical safety applications
    Cost Efficient
    Static (RFID), zonal (BLE), and real-time (UWB RTLS) tracking options, optimizing cost & performance
    Turnkey Supplier
    End-to-end solution provider with full line of sensors, tags, system design, and software
    Trusted Company
    Global enterprise with multiple awards. Trusted by Fortune 500 companies since 2004
    Flexible Software
    RTLS software that supports multiple tracking technologies and use cases
    Local Support
    Offices on two continents and a strong partner network across 45 countries

    Litum RTLS use cases by industry

    Indoor location intelligence solutions to improve occupational safety and optimize asset and workforce utilization in real-time

    Real-time Tracking Systems developed for high-risk environments to improve safety and efficiency

    Real time location tracking to maximize employee safety and improve warehousing and distribution processes.

    A comprehensive indoor tracking solution to protect and optimize overall performance in hospitals and senior living centers.