RTLS for Warehouses & Logistics Centers

Real time location tracking to maximize employee safety and improve warehousing and distribution processes.

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    Improve Safety in Warehouses

    Provide a safe working environment for your employees through precise location tracking Litum UWB RTLS technology has a high refresh rate to enable real-time location data of assets and employees.

    RTLS Solutions for Warehouse Management Safety

    Effectively enforce safety rules everywhere with instant violation alerts

    Automatically adjusts forklift speed so that vehicles slow down and stop without driver intervention.

    Get accurate headcounts, fast in case of emergencies

    Help contain the spread of viral infections such as COVID-19

    Improve Efficiency in Warehouses

    Improve workflows, eliminate inefficiencies, and reduce operational costs by integrating Litum’s UWB RTLS warehousing management system.

    RTLS Solutions for Warehouse Management Efficiency

    Improve value-added activities and workflows

    Optimize order picking and forklift routes, improve material flow

    Full view of the yard to improve material handling processes

    Eliminate retrieval time, reduce lost, stolen and misplaced assets

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