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Lone Worker Safety RTLS

React to life-threatening situations fast. Enforce safety rules with instant alerts and automated actions using Litum UWB RTLS solutions

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Accident / Risk Monitoring

Increase lone worker safety by automatically monitoring employees in high risk environments to instantly detect accidents or risky situations such as falls, collisions or prolonged inactivity.

Geofencing to Improve Worker Safety

Ensure controlled access to sensitive areas and unauthorized entry and exit alerts. Reinforce lone worker safety by triggering alerts when an employee has entered a remote location.

Automated Worker Safety Alerts

Alert pedestrian and  machine-operating employees when they are too close to machinery and/or areas where there is a risk of overhead load or getting caught in machinery operating radius such as a crane.

Panic Button

Provide worker safety with an additional panic button easily accessible when under duress. Improve lone worker safety by ensuring prompt assistance even in isolated environments.


Instant detection of lone worker location to minimize the impact of injury or accident

Risk awareness

Reporting of employee movements to detect high-risk behavior and informing of employees to minimize future accidents


Continuous, long range and highly accurate location detection using Litum UWB RTLS


Regulatory compliance and safety by covering high risk areas and providing extra security for lone workers

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How Lone Worker Safety RTLS Works

Litum integrates ultra-wideband – UWB RTLS technology into rechargeable, panic button-equipped badges distributed to all personnel. These RFID badges work in conjunction with our RTLS mesh network, to create an invisible “indoor tracking system” that tracks every employee and visitor with the highest location accuracy available.

Our system enhances lone worker safety by triggering alerts when they enter remote areas. Avoid site accidents before they happen and be able to quickly respond during emergencies.

Litum’s indoor locating technology ensures accurate information is captured and fed back to the RTLS software where real-time actions are managed: you’ll be able to geofence and limit access to sensitive areas for qualified employees and send automatic alerts in case of violations.

Our Employee Tracking System, combined with our lone worker safety solution, also provides the ability to see exactly where the transgression occurred and sends alerts to the appropriate staff members and security. Tailor-made reports and big data analytics are generated to support informed decision-making.


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Find out how Litum RTLS technology brings security to Grand Paris Express! Paris Metro is tracking the security of approximately 400 construction workers in tunnels as it expands its underground rail line.

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