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Medical Asset Tracking RTLS

Find exactly what you need, right when you need it with Medical Asset Tracking RTLS.

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Ensure Timely Care and Efficiency, Cut Costs

Managing medical equipment efficiently is crucial in every hospital where quick access and accuracy are important. Often, staff waste spend precious time looking for the equipment they need, which takes away from caring for patients.

Litum’s Medical Asset Tracking Solution uses Ultra-Wideband (UWB) and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies to track the precise locations of equipment in real time. 

With Litum’s Medical Asset Tracking RTLS, you can:

medical asset tracking
RTLS for Hospitals: Keeping Costs Down and medical asset tracking

Improve Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Litum’s solution enables visibility and insights for organizations to increase their utilization of equipment and decrease unnecessary buying and stockpiling. Our precise tracking ensures you have just the right amount of essential equipment, cutting down on extra costs and boosting efficiency. Our medical asset tracking system fits smoothly into your current processes, making it easy to manage assets effectively and adapt as needed.

Enhance Efficiency and Patient Care

Our Medical Asset Tracking solution goes beyond simple tracking by ensuring that medical assets are exactly where they need to be when they are needed. By reducing reliance on manual tracking, we minimize human errors and enhance the reliability of equipment management. This improved readiness leads to better patient outcomes and faster emergency responses.

Staff Safety with RTLS: The Case of Staff Duress and medical asset tracking
rtls in healthcare and healthcare rtls

Make Smart Decisions for Improved Healthcare

Litum’s medical asset tracking RTLS enables you to make well-informed decisions using strong, data-driven insights. It records detailed data on asset usage and movements, offering valuable information for strategic planning and resource management. This level of oversight is crucial for keeping healthcare services efficient and effective.

Discover Litum’s
Unique Edge


Shaped by two decades of experience in over 50 countries, reflecting global best practices and diverse on-site experiences


Built for easy integration and high precision, our system helps healthcare facilities  surpass their operational and care goals


Trusted by some of the world’s most prominent firms, including Fortune 500 companies


Two decades of innovation recognized by leading institutions like Fast Company, Deloitte and Gartner

Global Support

Continuous improvement and dedicated support that adapts to the evolving demands of healthcare delivery, no matter where you are

Precise Location

Standard RTLS deployment that offers sub-meter accuracy in tracking, crucial for dynamic and complex healthcare settings

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Case Study
RTLS for St. Joseph's Health Centre Guelph across 200,000 sq ft
Case Study
Patient and Staff Safety for St. Joseph's Lifecare Centre
Case Study
RTLS for National Hospital with 6 million+ sq ft Area and 2,000+ Beds
Case Study
RTLS for Senior Living at Elysis Senior Living Center​ in Europe
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Discover Other Healthcare RTLS Solutions

Contact us today to see how Litum’s RTLS technology can support efficient medical asset management and improve your care delivery.

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