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Wander Management RTLS

Protect your vulnerable patients from wandering risks with location data and alerts with Wander Management RTLS.

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Safeguard Wandering Patients, Simplify Care

In various care environments, keeping patients safe from the risks of wandering and eloping is a fundamental responsibility. Vulnerable patients, such as those with cognitive and neurological impairments, psychiatric conditions or traumatic brain injuries, may inadvertently wander into unsafe areas, posing significant risks to their safety and causing concern for staff and family members.

Litum’s Healthcare RTLS for Wander Management provides a robust solution by enabling real-time tracking of patients. Equipping patients with secure, tamper-proof tags, the system instantly alerts staff if a patient strays from a safe zone, allowing for quick intervention.

With Wander Management RTLS, you can:

patient wander management

Enhance Patient Care and Compliance

Effective wander management is not only crucial for their safety but also enhances overall care quality within healthcare facilities. Litum’s Wander Management RTLS unveils patient movement patterns, helping caregivers develop better strategies to ensure compliance with healthcare safety standards. Addressing patient elopement is particularly important, as it qualifies as a ‘Never Event’ – a severe incident that should never occur in a healthcare setting. In response to such events, the Joint Commission implemented a Sentinel Event Policy in 1996, aimed at helping healthcare organizations learn from these adverse events to enhance safety.

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Create a Responsive Care Environment

Litum’s Wander Management solution unveils the patterns of patient movements, arming your staff with essential information and tools to proactively manage patient wandering. This preemptive approach helps prevent elopements before they occur. Supported by real-time data and user-friendly technology, this system not only enhances patient safety but also increases staff efficiency, fostering a highly responsive care environment.

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Discover Litum’s
Unique Edge


Shaped by two decades of experience in over 50 countries, reflecting global best practices and diverse on-site experiences


Built for easy integration and high precision, our system helps healthcare facilities  surpass their operational and care goals


Trusted by some of the world’s most prominent firms, including Fortune 500 companies


Two decades of innovation recognized by leading institutions like Fast Company, Deloitte and Gartner

Global Support

Continuous improvement and dedicated support that adapts to the evolving demands of healthcare delivery, no matter where you are

Precise Location

Standard RTLS deployment that offers sub-meter accuracy in tracking, crucial for dynamic and complex healthcare settings

Case Study
RTLS for Senior Living at Elysis Senior Living Center​ in Europe
Case Study
RTLS for St. Joseph's Health Centre Guelph across 200,000 sq ft
Case Study
Patient and Staff Safety for St. Joseph's Lifecare Centre
Case Study
RTLS for National Hospital with 6 million+ sq ft Area and 2,000+ Beds
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Contact us today to see how Litum’s RTLS technology can support your wander management efforts and improve your care delivery.

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