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Infant Security RTLS

Our Little Tag ensures your little patients are safe. Precise location tracking with Litum's Infant Security RTLS provides peace of mind for families and caregivers.

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hospital infant security system

Keep Every Infant Safe and in the Right Hands with Real-Time Tracking

Every year, hospitals worldwide face the challenge of ensuring newborn safety. Infant abduction, though rare, has devastating impacts on families and the reputation of healthcare facilities. Litum’s Infant Security RTLS, featuring the innovative Little Tag, offers unparalleled protection and peace of mind.

Authorized Access and Immediate Alerts 

With this system, only authorized nurses and the baby’s mother can take the baby out of these safe zones. If anyone else tries to move the baby, an alert is immediately sent to the mother and hospital staff, ensuring that the baby is protected. Additionally, the system can trigger access control actions such as automated locking of doors or elevators, physically preventing unauthorized people from leaving with the baby.

In essence, Litum’s Infant Security RTLS makes sure that your baby is always in the right hands and alerts the right people if something goes wrong.

Authorized Access

With Litum Infant Security RTLS, only authorized nurses and the mother can take the infant out of designated areas like NICUs.

Immediate Alerts

If an unauthorized person attempts to move the baby, an alert is triggered immediately, notifying the appropriate staff.

Precise Location

Litum's UWB technology delivers sub-meter location accuracy, critical for abduction cases
where each second counts.

Tamper Detection

If someone tries to remove the tag or the band loosens, an alert is triggered, notifying the staff.

Inactivity Alerts

Inactivity alerts inform staff if the baby stops moving for an extended period, ensuring prompt attention.

Little Tag for the Little Ones

The Little Tag worn by infants uses Ultra-wideband (UWB), Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), and Low-Frequency (LF) technologies to keep track of where your baby is at all times. This hybrid offering allows for full-scale protection by providing different layers of security. For instance, UWB allows pinpointing the baby’s exact location within the hospital, whereas LF ensures accurate detection and alerting at critical control points.

  • The Little Tag’s built-in motion sensors provide continuous, non-invasive location monitoring.

  • Inactivity alerts inform hospital staff if the baby stops moving for an extended period.

  • If someone tries to remove the tag, an alert is triggered, notifying the staff. 

  • To prevent mismatches, the system pairs each baby with their mother, ensuring only the correct mother can take the baby, reducing errors during discharge or movement within the hospital

Tamper Proof





Why Choose Litum Technology

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  • Litum is at the forefront of location technologies for two decades, delivering healthcare solutions for a decade.
  • Litum solutions have been deployed across 50+ countries, helping organizations keep their workforce safe and business productive by minimizing risks and maximizing safety and efficiency.
  • Choosing Litum means opting for proven expertise and innovation. Our RTLS solutions are informed by global best practices, complex use cases, and thousands of on-site experiences.
  • When it comes to healthcare, the ultimate goal is to improve the quality of care. Litum understands this deeply and has engineered Real-Time Location Systems to remove barriers to perfect care.
  • At the core of Litum’s RTLS solutions is the Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology, which delivers sub-meter accuracy in location tracking. This level of precision is crucial in the complex and dynamic environments of healthcare facilities.
  • The precise location tracking enabled by UWB technology is pivotal for infant security applications. It ensures that during a crisis, the security team can accurately locate the distressed staff member, enabling a rapid and effective response.
  • Beyond UWB, Litum’s Little Tags also have BLE technology built in for a hybrid offering that supports multiple use cases. For situations that don’t require sub-meter accuracy, BLE technology can be leveraged to help lower battery consumption. 
  • Upon request, tags with LF are also available. LF technology complements UWB and BLE by providing additional layers of security. While UWB offers precise location tracking and BLE enables longer-range communication, LF ensures accurate detection and alerting at critical control points, enhancing overall infant security.

Litum’s Infant Security system was developed in-house with two decades of R&D expertise. The system includes intensively tested, high-quality hardware components, all designed for effortless and continuous support for infant safety.

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At Litum, we give you flexible payment options so that you can start protecting your littlest patients right away. You can choose to pay upfront or via a subscription-based plan when you choose Litum’s Infant Security RTLS. With the option to spread expenses over time, healthcare facilities can establish a robust safety system without a large initial investment. The service is flexible, scaling to fit the size and safety requirements of any healthcare environment, ensuring enhanced protection is readily available.

Easy Expansion into Further Solutions

The initial network built for the Infant Security RTLS serves as the backbone for adding new safety and efficiency measures. You can easily expand your subscription package by integrating additional Litum solutions, allowing for seamless upgrades and enhanced functionality as your needs evolve.

Seamless Integration for Enhanced Security

Litum’s Infant Security RTLS is fully compatible with the LenelS2™ OnGuard® access control system, known for its advanced access control and management capabilities. Our RTLS technology integrates seamlessly with comprehensive security management systems, ensuring a cohesive approach to safety and incident management in healthcare facilities.

With this integration, you can ensure that your patients and staff are protected by a unified system that streamlines communication, enhances response times, and mitigates risks.

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Unique Edge


Shaped by two decades of experience in over 50 countries, reflecting global best practices and diverse on-site experiences


Built for easy integration and high precision, our system helps healthcare facilities  surpass their operational and care goals


Trusted by some of the world’s most prominent firms, including Fortune 500 companies


Two decades of innovation recognized by leading institutions like Fast Company, Deloitte and Gartner

Global Support

Continuous improvement and dedicated support that adapts to the evolving demands of healthcare delivery, no matter where you are

Precise Location

Standard RTLS deployment that offers sub-meter accuracy in tracking, crucial for dynamic and complex healthcare settings

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