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Asset Tracking RTLS

Real-time visibility into assets for increased safety and productivity. Eliminate retrieval times and reduce costs by preventing asset loss, theft, and misplacement.

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Accurate location detection to track assets

Utilize Litum Asset Tracking System’s location data to ensure confidence in asset location and status. Increase cost savings by eliminating equipment loss.

Status monitoring with asset tracking

Know when an asset is idle or in use with real-time asset tracking. Our seamless asset tracking system speeds up locating and allocating the resource.

Zone alerts to track assets

Power up your business with UWB asset tracking and to monitor assets in real-time and manage assets from afar. Limit asset movement – setup alerts & automated actions for critical assets to ensure that they stay in geo-fenced areas.

How Asset Tracking RTLS Works

Experience unparalleled asset tracking capabilities with Litum’s cutting-edge real-time location tracking solutions. By seamlessly integrating RFID asset tracking and UWB RTLS technology, our battery-powered active asset trackers provide precise location monitoring for your equipment. Through our RTLS mesh network, deployed across your facility, our invisible “indoor tracking system” ensures the highest accuracy in asset tracking

The signals from RTLS asset tags are converted into location data using various proprietary algorithms. The location of each asset is then sent on to our asset management software, where they are reported in an easy to understand manner.


Hybrid RTLS Asset Tracking System that can work with both UWB RFID and BLE technologies


Instantly locate assets to minimize search and retrieval time with Litum asset tracking


Litum asset trackers are equipped with tamper-proof technology that prevents unauthorized removal

Cost Effective

RTLS asset tracking reduces shrinkage, lost, stolen, and misplaced assets - get quick ROI by avoiding unnecessary purchases & rentals

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