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Staff Duress RTLS

Protect your healthcare teams with rapid response and real-time alerts with Staff Duress RTLS.

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Empower Your Staff at the Push of a Button for Immediate Assistance

Litum’s RTLS-driven Staff Duress Solution offers an integrated approach to safeguarding healthcare teams. At its core is a simple yet effective feature: simply pressing a button instantly sends out an alert for immediate support. Beyond a button, the system offers further capabilities such as customizable alerts, integration with existing systems, and access to historical data.

Faster Response Times

for first responders through precise staff location data

Peace of Mind for Staff

with a reliable real-time alert mechanism

Seamless User Experience

via integrations with existing systems

Robust Healthcare Operations

with increased staff retention and job satisfaction

staff duress
staff duress

Access the Most Accurate
and Future-Proof Technology

“In our efforts to enhance safety at a specialised government healthcare facility, we collaborated with Litum for their RTLS and staff duress expertise. The system’s introduction has noticeably improved staff security within this high secure mental health facility and provides a high degree of accuracy needed to ensure staff safety. It is noteworthy that, as a group of people, the Litum team constantly show a high degree of professionalism, a deep understanding of their product’s features and benefits, and consultative support to our business as we deploy within our clients’ premises. Our collaboration with the Litum is ongoing as we deploy more of their RTLS product within Australia.”

– Australian Behavioral Health Facility on Litum’s Staff Duress Solution

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Why Choose Litum Technology

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  • Litum has been at the forefront of location technologies for two decades, delivering healthcare solutions for over a decade.
  • Litum solutions have been deployed across 50+ countries, helping organizations keep their workforce safe and business productive by minimizing risks and maximizing efficiency.
  • Choosing Litum means opting for proven expertise and innovation. Our RTLS solutions are informed by global best practices, complex use cases, and hundreds of on-site experiences.
  • When it comes to healthcare, the ultimate goal is to improve the quality of care. Litum understands this deeply and has engineered Real-Time Location Systems to enhance not just operational efficiencies but also the safety and well-being of patients and staff.
  • At the core of Litum’s RTLS solutions is the Ultra-Wideband (UWB) technology, which delivers sub-meter accuracy in location tracking. This level of precision is crucial in the complex and dynamic environments of healthcare facilities.
  • The precise location tracking enabled by UWB technology is pivotal for staff duress applications. It ensures that in any emergency, security team can pinpoint the exact location of the distressed staff member, facilitating a swift response.
  • The accuracy of Litum’s location tracking minimizes delays in locating staff under duress. This is vital for initiating immediate actions to defuse potentially dangerous situations, thereby enhancing staff safety and security.
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Litum’s Staff Duress solution has been developed in-house with two decades of R&D expertise. The system includes durable hardware components such as wearable tags, anchors, gateways, and charging stations – all designed for effortless and continuous staff safety support.

Case Study
RTLS for St. Joseph's Health Centre Guelph across 200,000 sq ft
Case Study
Patient and Staff Safety for St. Joseph's Lifecare Centre
Case Study
RTLS for National Hospital with 6 million+ sq ft Area and 2,000+ Beds
Case Study
RTLS for Senior Living at Elysis Senior Living Center​ in Europe
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Discover Other Healthcare RTLS Solutions​​​

Discover Litum’s
Unique Edge


Shaped by two decades of experience in over 50 countries, reflecting global best practices and diverse on-site experiences


Built for easy integration and high precision, our system helps healthcare facilities  surpass their operational and care goals


Trusted by some of the world’s most prominent firms, including Fortune 500 companies


Two decades of innovation recognized by leading institutions like Fast Company, Deloitte and Gartner

Global Support

Continuous improvement and dedicated support that adapts to the evolving demands of healthcare delivery, no matter where you are

Precise Location

Standard RTLS deployment that offers sub-meter accuracy in tracking, crucial for dynamic and complex healthcare settings

Contact us today to see how Litum’s Staff Duress RTLS can help ensure the safety of your team, resulting in better care.

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