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RTLS for Healthcare

Our clinically focused healthcare RTLS solutions are designed to improve caregiver efficiency, safety and cost-effectiveness while delivering positive outcomes across various levels of care.

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Improving Care with Healthcare RTLS

At Litum, we have been providing Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS) designed specifically for healthcare needs for over a decade. With highly accurate location data and analytics, our system simplifies complex healthcare operations, streamlines care, boosts security, improves senior living safety, and enhances staff and patient safety. We go beyond traditional tracking systems, delivering actionable insights that empower informed decision-making.

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The Challenges Facing Healthcare

Understaffed Facilities

Staffing shortages lead to burnout and potential collapses in care quality

Increased Competition

Healthcare facilities must deliver exceptional service to stand out among numerous choices

Under-equipped Facilities

Limited resources make it difficult to serve patients efficiently

Rigorous Quality Standards

Maintaining high standards of patient care and safety is crucial and challenging

How Does Litum Help? 

  • Litum’s comprehensive solutions enhance resource management and elevate patient care quality, even under financial constraints and competitive pressures. 
  • Litum delivers RTLS solutions tailored to the intricacies of healthcare, providing precise location data and insightful analytics. 
  • Litum addresses the multifaceted challenges in healthcare operations, from streamlining patient journeys and ensuring timely care, to fortifying security measures against potential infant abductions or patient wanderings, and enhancing staff safety during high-stress situations.
  • Beyond mere tracking, Litum empowers healthcare facilities with actionable insights, reducing operational bottlenecks and allowing healthcare professionals to focus on delivering unparalleled patient care.
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Healthcare RTLS Solutions for Safety and Efficiency


Staff Duress

Healthcare staff often face high-stress or even dangerous situations without easy access to help. With Litum’s Staff Duress solution, help is a button-press away, enhancing the safety of your staff and minimizing the risks associated with high-risk healthcare settings, protecting the reputation of your facility.

Staff Workflow

Inefficient resource allocation can lead to increased wait times and compromised patient safety. Litum’s Staff Workflow solution offers real-time tracking of staff positions, optimizing resource distribution.​​

litum rtls staff workflow and wander management
litum rtls medical asset tracking

Medical Asset Tracking

Locating and managing mobile medical equipment is a significant challenge, impacting patient care. Litum’s Medical Asset Tracking solution ensures that equipment is within reach and findable. Through this solution, healthcare staff can minimize equipment search times, ensuring that critical assets are readily available.

Patient Flow

Inefficiencies in patient movement can lead to congestion, particularly in critical areas like Emergency and Operating Rooms, stretching resources thin. Litum’s Patient Flow solution empowers healthcare facilities to manage and monitor patient progression from admission to discharge, improving care pathway efficiency.

healthcare rtls patient flow
litum rtls senior living safety

Senior Living Safety

Ensuring the safety of residents with cognitive impairments or movement disorders is crucial in senior living communities. Litum’s Senior Living Safety RTLS enhances safety, optimizes staff response times, and provides peace of mind for families through real-time location insights and instant alerts.

Wander Management

Patients with cognitive challenges are at risk of wandering, creating safety concerns for the families and the staff alike. Litum’s Wander Management system addresses this concern by providing immediate tracking and alert capabilities, ensuring the protection of these vulnerable individuals.​

healthcare rtls wander management

Discover Litum’s
Unique Edge


Shaped by two decades of experience in over 50 countries, reflecting global best practices and diverse on-site experiences


Built for easy integration and high precision, our system helps healthcare facilities  surpass their operational and care goals


Trusted by some of the world’s most prominent firms, including Fortune 500 companies


Two decades of innovation recognized by leading institutions like Fast Company, Deloitte and Gartner

Global Support

Continuous improvement and dedicated support that adapts to the evolving demands of healthcare delivery, no matter where you are

Precise Location

Standard RTLS deployment that offers sub-meter accuracy in tracking, crucial for dynamic and complex healthcare settings

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