Healthcare RTLS services

A comprehensive indoor tracking solution that protects, secures and optimizes overall performance in hospitals, clinics, and senior living centers.

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    How our healthcare RTLS services improve safety

    Litum Healthcare RTLS system secures assets, provides continuous patient status tracking to counter falls, wandering, and abductions. Our patient and infant tags are tamper-proof so that the patients – be they aged, ill, or healthy baby – are monitored at all times. Tags are also equipped with a call button to enable patients send alerts in case of duress.

    Asset Protection


    Prevent loss, stolen and misplaced assets, make sure they are available when needed.

    Duress Alert


    Equipped with a panic button, Litum patient tags can send location-aware help requests.

    Prevent Infant Abduction

    Prevent Infant Abduction

    Our tamper-proof and paired tags ensure that the babies always stay with the mother.

    Wander Management

    Wander Management

    Create geofences and monitor movement of patients with special conditions.

    Inactivity Alert


    Litum wearable tags can detect fall, prolonged inactivity and send automatic alerts.

    How our healthcare RTLS solutions improve efficiency

    We build a comprehensive digital pattern of all human and asset movement, their use and interaction, so that you get actionable insights to improve patient experience and outcome while optimizing internal logistics, improving processes and operational profitability

    Patient Flow


    Monitor patient movements, staff interactions. Get notified when patients arrive to receive service, reduce wait times

    Care Monitoring


    Ensure that the patients receive the due care and attention on a trackable basis by monitoring patient-staff interactions



    Monitor transportation of equipment, samples, visitors, suppliers, patients

    Workload Management

    Workload Management

    Optimize staff time and performance through improved patient/visitor flow and automated queuing models

    Claim Mitigation


    Mitigate risks from accidents, staff-to-patient interactions and performance through geofencing, tracking, and monitoring

    Litum Healthcare RTLS Solutions

    Monitor senior residents and caregivers and improve safety without impeding their privacy

    Prevent infant abductions and mix-ups with Litum RTLS system and tamper-proof infant trackers ​

    Real time patient location tracking, inpatient queuing control, surgical ward queue management, and geofencing

    Provide safety for hospital staff while improving care services and workflows

    Track in-vehicle inventory to prevent loss of valuable medical equipment and keep your fleet well-stocked

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