Information Security Management Policy

Information Security Management Policy of Litum

Our policy;

To ensure the security of critical information assets of our company, its stakeholders and 3rd parties, and our business continuity, we perform the necessary activities below:

  • To maintain and continuously improve our information security management system, which was established regarding the ISO / IEC 27001 standard,
  • To achieve information security targets and support its principles in line with business strategy and objectives,
  • To set the necessary structure to determine the objectives and controls, including the risk assessment and risk management structure,
  • To comply with the laws, regulations, and contract requirements, to protect the company image,
  • To create information security awareness in our employees, reduce the impact of risks, and raise awareness of their responsibilities,
  • To determine and implement sanctions for Information Security breach,
  • To define general and special responsibilities for Information Security Management.
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