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Yard Management

Improve material handling processes and turnaround times with Litum Yard Management RTLS

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Digital twin

Create a digital twin of the yard and identify bottlenecks with Litum yard management system.

Automate check-in and out

Recognize each trailer to automate check-in and check-out at gates. Trailer yard management, eliminates wasted man-hours.

Reduce queues

Direct trailers to available docks to eliminate queues. Yard management systems optimize vehicle workflow.

Speed loading/unloading

Integrate with forklift tracking and employee tracking to improve loading and unloading times.


All trailers, assets lifting equipment and people can be located accurately, no matter how big the area is

Flexible Integration

Works seamlessly with your ERP, time & attendance, forklift tracking and employee tracking systems

Smart Analytics

A yard management solution with dashboards and detailed reports to support informed, data-driven decision making


Trailer yard management system provides real-time monitoring of all trailers, lifting equipment and people

How Yard Management System Works?

Litum yard management system is combined with a UWB-based active RFID technology in the form of a durable, rechargeable tag that is assigned to each vehicle and person, right at the point of entry. Our IP67 anchors, and gateways create a “mesh positioning network” which covers your entire yard and can locate each RTLS tag with the highest accuracy available.

Litum yard management software processes all location data and can be customized to meet your company’s business rules. Yard managers and supply chain managers will be able to monitor yard access and movement in real time, giving them full visibility of every trailer, driver and employee in the yard and warehouse, allowing them to make quick, correct decisions.

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