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Indoor Tracking RTLS for Senior Living Monitoring

Improve care, monitor and ensure the safety of senior residents with Litum RTLS monitoring solutions

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Enhancing Safety in Senior Living Communities

Litum’s RTLS tracking system is designed to monitor the safety of residents with cognitive impairments, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s, who are prone to wandering, or those with movement disorders like Parkinson’s, who may be at risk of falling. The system generates automated alerts when a resident leaves a designated area or remains motionless for a prolonged period, helping staff respond promptly.

Furthermore, the system provides valuable data on employee schedules, overtime, and movement patterns throughout the facility, offering insights for operational improvements. By optimizing resource allocation and minimizing unnecessary labor costs, Litum’s RTLS helps you safeguard senior residents more effectively while simultaneously boosting the bottom line for healthcare organizations.

Senior living safety RTLS solutions continuously monitor residents’ locations within the facility, providing detailed reports on the facility map. With the RTLS system, you can analyze patterns and changes in behavior for proactive care. Staff stay informed about activity levels and receive alerts if significant changes occur. The system also tracks caregiver locations and offers interaction reports that are valuable for families.

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How Senior Living Safety RTLS System Works

Litum RTLS solutions works over a wireless mesh network that monitors the RTLS tags worn by residents. The tags send UWB RFID signals which are captured by the anchors located around your facility. Litum RTLS software processes these signals to calculate the exact location of each tag.

With this senior living monitoring software, you will have access to all resident movements in real-time, define and enforce business rules, and manage alerts.


Highly accurate, continuous tracking with motion sensor data to identify and alarm when a tag isn't properly used


Real-time monitoring of arrival, departure, and active times within the senior care facility


Detailed time reporting and staff-resident interactions by each care area for data-driven decision making


All personal privacy rules and regulations are considered and respected

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