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Indoor Tracking RTLS for Senior Living Monitoring

Improve care, monitor and ensure the safety of senior residents with Litum RTLS monitoring solutions

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RTLS solutions for senior living, assisted living, and memory care centers to help them monitor residents, staff members, and visitors. The senior living safety system features location-aware nurse calling, duress alarm management, and automated wander management.

Senior Living RTLS

Improving senior living safety

Use the RTLS tracking system to keep an eye on residents with cognitive disorders like dementia or Alzheimer’s who may wander, or with any disorder that impacts movement like Parkinson’s who may fall. The senior living monitoring system provides automated alerts when the resident leaves a geofenced area or doesn’t move for an extended period. 

Gain access to important data regarding employee schedules, overtime, and movement patterns around the building. Litum tracking systems help you better protect senior residents without increased labor or raising costs while improving the bottom line for healthcare organizations.

Resident tracking and monitoring in real time

Senior living safety RTLS solutions continuously monitors the residents’ position in the facility and reports where every resident is on the facility map. 

With the RTLS system, you can collect data for pattern analysis and track changes in their behavior for more proactive care. Facility staff can remain aware of their activity levels, and get alerts if significant changes occur in their routines. 

The senior living monitoring system also tracks the location of caregivers and provides resident-caregiver interaction reports that can be valuable for the families.

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Highly accurate, continuous tracking with motion sensor data to identify and alarm when a tag isn't properly used


Real-time monitoring of arrival, departure, and active times within the senior care facility


Detailed time reporting and staff-resident interactions by each care area for data-driven decision making


All personal privacy rules and regulations are considered and respected

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Why You Should Start Using RTLS Solutions for Senior Living?

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How Automated Senior Living Safety RTLS System Works

Litum RTLS solutions works over a wireless mesh network that monitors the RTLS tags worn by residents. The tags send UWB RFID signals which are captured by the anchors located around your facility. Litum RTLS software processes these signals to calculate the exact location of each tag.

With this senior living monitoring software, you will have access to all resident movements in real-time, define and enforce business rules, and manage alerts.


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