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RTLS for Oil, Gas and Mining

Real-time tracking systems developed for high-risk environments to improve workplace safety and process efficiency

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How Litum RTLS Solutions Improve Safety

Litum workplace safety solutions provide the intelligence and alerts you need to keep your operations and workforce safe. This real-time location system ensures you are compliant with strict safety regulations and in-line with industrial requirements.

Litum RTLS for mining and oil and gas industries helps businesses keep track of individuals and assets in real-time. Our miner tracking system not only provides a facility with pinpoint accuracy but also allows them to locate and monitor individual workers. The advanced features include emergency headcounts, last known locations for each employee as well as fall detection tools that ensure the safety of people in case anything goes wrong at the workplace.


Find out how Litum RTLS reduced operational costs, increased efficiency and ensured workplace safety during a TAR in a US Oil & Gas site despite the challenging environment.

Control entry/exit for high-risk environments and receive real-time lists with location information whether under/above ground, in each gallery, tunnel or zone

Bring employees back to work safely with proactive and responsive solutions for situations that require social distancing, congregation alerts and contact tracing

Comply with safety regulations for critical resources such as people or compliance-mandated equipment with historical data and reporting

Minimize risk during emergency with instant discovery and faster response time

Manage emergency without interruption during power outages and hazardous situations

Improved muster event response (faster processing and locating)

How Litum RTLS Solutions Improve Efficiency

Tracking systems with RTLS technology for people, asset, and process management help you to monitor workforce and contractors, eliminate bottlenecks, and optimize asset utilization

Manage workforce and contractors across locations effectively with real-time tracking

Manage assets, minimize lost and shrinkage and optimize utilization

Workflow optimization from the reduction in transit wait times and lost time at tool shack

Monitor material flow, track cycle times, trips, etc. and monitor KPI’s and key statistics

Improve control within and across processes, teams and departments

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