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RTLS for Construction Sites

Real-time location tracking systems to monitor every employee and each piece of equipment in real time with a digital twin of the construction site

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How Litum RTLS Solutions Improve Safety

Provide full compliance with regulations and maintain safety at construction sites with our RTLS solutions for construction worker tracking.

Construction sites need a real-time monitoring system to ensure safety. Our  RTLS construction worker tracking solution is purpose-built for tracking personnel and equipment throughout construction zones, providing instant location services and real-time positioning data.

During emergencies, the lack of visibility can lead to injuries or fatalities if the response is not quickly deployed to the right location. Having a reliable RTLS for construction worker tracking provides an effective way to monitor where everyone needs to be at all times.

Whether it’s monitoring that everyone’s in the right place, finding a missing employee, or ensuring safety compliance by making sure workers don’t exceed speed limits on the job site, Litum RTLS construction worker tracking solutions can do the job.


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Control entry/exit for high-risk environments and receive real-time lists with location information whether under or above ground, and in each tunnel or zone

Provide extra safety for employees in high-risk working areas with safety features such as panic buttons, motion/fall sensors with alerts in case of prolonged employee inactivity or fall​

Create geofences for critical/hazardous areas and receive alerts when there is an unauthorized access

Comply with all safety regulations, store and report data accordingly

Use the most accurate construction worker tracking location technology in emergency management for fast response

How Litum RTLS Solutions Improve Efficiency

Create a digital twin of any construction site with RTLS technology to improve resource utilization and optimize workflow management for enhanced productivity. Use RTLS construction worker tracking to boost workplace safety and emergency response protocols.

Improve workforce utilization with accurate workforce analysis provided by our construction worker tracking solution

Improve equipment utilization and availability with RTLS in construction designed for real time asset tracking

Leverage detailed reports of usage and movement for any period, which can also serve as evidence in case of a claim or accident

Reduce costs with smart RTLS construction worker tracking features tO prevent asset theft and loss

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