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Contact Tracing & Social Distancing RTLS Solution

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Real Time Tracking For Employee Safety

Initiate proactive and responsive safety measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 trusting Litum’s real time employee tracking solutions for social distancing, congregation alerts, contact tracing, and prioritized clean-up.

Proactive Safety Measures

Social Distancing

Track daily circulation, manage social distancing in daily operations with proximity alerts for employees to minimize contacts closer than business preferred distance. Prevent further spread while keeping the employees and the work environment safe.

Congregation Alerts 

Prevent gatherings of multiple employees for more than a certain period and create system alerts to inform and tag alerts to instantly disband for enhanced safety. Supports employer defined parameters (number of people, duration) for a custom-tailored fit.

Responsive Safety Measures

Contact Tracing

When an employee tests positive and/or shows symptoms, quickly report on past interactions between employees for the past 14 days or more in compliance with privacy rules. Support health & public safety officials while keeping the work environment safe.

Prioritized Clean-up

When an employee tests positive and/or shows symptoms, create a report on the office areas where the employee spent time, then prioritize and start cleaning for these areas accordingly to avoid any safety concerns for onsite staff.

Solutions to support businesses in their fight against the pandemic

Our solutions are designed to provide the workplace with safety compliance and the reassurance employees need to return to work during these unprecedented times. Our years of experience and our advanced technology allow us to offer solutions ranging from simple to complex that can be custom-tailored to fit the business needs.

RTLS Solution (Real-Time Location System) 

An RTLS solution is a blend of hardware and software that work together to create a mesh network capable of overseeing the movement of transmitters (tags) within a specific location. This wireless network is created by placing anchors at key points throughout and surrounding a facility. When the anchors get a signal from a tag, we can calculate the location of the tag by using various proprietary algorithms developed by us. UWB and BLE are key technologies in Litum RTLS framework.

Tag-to-tag Solution

A tag-to-tag system is a simple hardware, an electronic tag with an embedded firmware that allows tags to sense and communicate with each other. When they come to a pre-defined (recommended 6ft (2m)) distance, it easily enforces social distancing through buzzing of the tags in proximity, while archived data allows contact tracing.

Which solution is the best for your business?

To fully serve your needs, check the comparison table we provide and decide which solution suits your business needs best.

contact tracing social distancing tag to tag

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