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Increase in Airport Asset Tracking Market Despite Pandemic [Market Forecast]

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According to Berg Insight*, the global installed base of airport asset tracking systems will reach 0.5 million units by 2024. 

Airports are a center of a rush for both operational assets and passengers and in need of lifelong solutions. Flight delays, human-driven operational problems make the use of Airport Asset Tracking Systems inevitable.

Did you know 70% of all delays to flights are caused by problems due to turnaround of aircrafts at airports? RTLS based tracking systems in airports take this problem away with helping operations with the easiest ways of locating anyone, anything in airports and monitor it.

Despite the current crisis in the aviation industry due to the pandemic, these tracking systems are important not only for airport operational efficiency. They also ensure social distancing and pandemic safety for everyone that goes through. Airport Asset Tracking Systems are critical since tracking across wide airport area both indoor and outdoor is an operational burden if you cannot track them automatically with a monitoring system. Alerts for unexpected situations help operations to create instant solutions for eliminating risks and confusion.

Dynamic Market Conditions in Aviation


Rickard Andersson, Principal Analyst, Berg Insight, said**:

“The airport asset tracking market is served by a number of different types of players, ranging from specialists focused exclusively on tracking and management solutions for specific airport assets, to companies that offer a more comprehensive set of solutions for the aviation sector, and more general telematics players that also serve other industries.”

According to current report Berg Insight also estimates that the global installed base of active airport asset tracking systems was over 0.2 million units in 2019. Growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.4 percent, the active installed base is estimated to reach close to 0.5 million units worldwide in 2024. In this respect IoT Business News and Berg Insight** mentions Litum IoT is one of the leading companies.

Alp Ülkü, Co-founder of Litum Technologies, also mentions the importance of adaptation to IoT systems in aviation industry in such an unexpected pandemic situation:

“During a pandemic like the one we are facing it is critical to establish better controls over coordination of airport services and staff, and it is difficult to do that with manual routines and checks.  Smarter way to operate is necessary with so many moving parts and a large area to cover. IoT can really help ease the burden here.”

Litum introduces an advanced smart monitoring system for resource visibility, informed decisions and operational flexibility.

Unparalleled Litum benefits to meet the increasing demand:

Here are use cases of these benefits which makes Litum RTLS systems best fit for your business:

  • Airport Ground Support Equipment & Vehicle Tracking
  • Airport Asset Tracking
  • Locating & Track Airport Staff Members
  • Automatic Alerts

For detailed information and more, you can visit our other article: “RTLS Systems Improve Airport Operations

We’re able to provide real-time tracking and monitoring of assets no matter where they are in your control area by using active RFID technology with a combination of UWB frequencies. Additionally, you’ll know the location of your people and the status of your equipment at all times. Litum Airport Asset Tracking Systems introduces a wide range of solutions in both operational assets and automatic alerts systems with ensuring various benefits cutting costs, preventing accidents, reducing theft, improving employee safety.

Do you need to talk to an IoT Expert? Contact us and let’s find the best solution for you together.