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Ultimate Guide for Litum UWB RTLS Tag Badge

UWB RTLS uwb tag

UWB (Ultra Wideband) RTLS (Real-Time Location System) Tag Badge systems are becoming more popular and widely used than ever before. They enable businesses to track their employees providing a wealth of data that can be used for a variety of purposes.

In short, this guide will help you learn more about how UWB RTLS increase safety as well as efficiency for your business or organization and help you make informed decisions.


What is Litum UWB RTLS Tag Badge?  

uwb rtls tag badge

UWB Tags are small, lightweight devices that are worn by personnel to allow them to be tracked within the UWB RTLS system. These tag badges typically have an antenna, power supply, processor, and memory.

The Litum Tag Badge is from a family of electronic gadgets designed for precise employee tracking positioning methods like Time Difference of Arrival and Two-Way Ranging. This tracking system allows easy integration of tags and immense flexibility where Litum ensures every business need gets addressed through its operational range and parameters that can be configured to suit your business needs.

How Does It Work?  

Tag badges use radio signals to communicate with receivers within the Ultra Wideband real-time location systems. When a tag badge is within range of a receiver, it will send out a UWB signal containing its unique identifier.

This identifier is then used to determine the location data of the badge within the system. Position data can then be used for personnel monitoring to ensure safety and increase efficiency.


The Litum Tag Badge indicates its status via LED lights and vibrations, unique to different scenarios. The trigger sequence as well as the elapsed time of each function varies for each function.

The various functions include Battery life Signal in Red, Yellow, and Green, Update, Turning Off and On, Free Fall, Button Alarm, Collision Warning in Red and Yellow, Charge indicator, and Button Press Signal in Red, Yellow, and Green.


A few instructions mentioned for the Litum Tag Badge are as follows. 

  • Ongoing charging is indicated by an LED light – Red for low, Yellow for medium, and Green for high levels, 
  • Charging time varies depending on environmental conditions. However, the device will be fully charged within 4 hours.
  • Also, the Charger must have a quick charge property with its adaptor supporting the same. 


The setup of the Litum Tag Badge is straightforward since it is just a single unit. There is the option of attaching an accessory like a lanyard to the device but otherwise, there is no additional installation needed.


Precautions for the Litum Tag Badge include Safety, Proper handling, and Cleaning instructions. 

Advantages of Using Litum UWB RTLS Tag Badge 

UWB technology provides industry-grade accurate personnel tracking capabilities, enabling businesses to realize astonishingly precise results.

UWB RTLS tag badges are an affordable, reliable option for any company looking to maximize the advantages of its tracking systems. Not only are these tags lightweight, small, and discreet, but they also can reliably transmit signals at up to 250 feet with less than 1 foot of accuracy!

You can find out exactly where your people or things are located in real-time with confidence that the data is accurate even in complex environments, allowing you to manage safety concerns, operations, and control costs efficiently.

Accurate Location Tracking

With the emergence of Ultra-Wideband Real Time Location Services (UWB RTLS) tag badges, accurate location tracking has become more efficient than ever. These tag badges are outfitted with advanced radio signals to give precise info about the distances between the tags attached to different equipment.


The scalability of UWB Tag Badges is one of their major advantages; the devices can be deployed on a large or small scale, making it a suitable solution for any business. Furthermore, installation is quick and easy, requiring little to no technical support—often just the flick of a switch. This flexibility gives organizations greater control over their operational efficiency and security systems, allowing them to choose how closely they wish to monitor their personnel and facilities.


By being able to quickly change between asset types or being able to switch the tags from high-traffic zones easily, UWB RTLS Tag Badges allow businesses to be a lot more agile than ever before. This agility is key for any modern business looking to stay ahead of its competitors – and there’s no better choice for that than Litum UWB RTLS Tag Badges.

Reduced Power Consumption

UWB RTLS Tag Badges are designed so that their battery life may be extended with minimal effort and the battery itself can last up to 5 years with the right maintenance. This makes them particularly effective in environments where changing or replacing batteries within devices is often difficult or costly to do.

Furthermore, since they consume a fraction of the power required by traditional radio frequency tags and other wireless protocols, they put less strain on resources while offering greater coverage throughout a deployment area.

Applications of Litum UWB RTLS Tag Badge  

Operational Efficiency

These tags provide real-time, accurate location tracking of personnel that allows for better workspace allocation. Moreover, this technology can be used to monitor people flow in crowded areas and ensure social distancing, ultimately making it easier to provide a safe environment for your employees.

You can also use UWB RTLS tags to create automated attendance records and provide instant hour tracking, reducing payroll errors and saving time spent verifying employee hours manually. As this type of technology continues to improve and evolve, it has limitless implications for workplace optimization projects.

Personnel Position Tracking

Organizations can better understand crowd or personnel density in certain areas with UWB RTLS tags, not to mention potential hazardous scenarios such as collisions between personnel and machinery. Placing the tag badges on personnel provides insight into critical information including location data at all times, directions of movements over time, and interaction with people, things, and other objects. 

Quickly React to Life-Threatening Situations

Litum UWB RTLS Badge Tag is used for employee monitoring in high-risk environments to instantly detect accidents or risky situations such as falls, collisions, and prolonged inactivity.

You can also use UWB RTLS tags to control access to sensitive areas and unauthorized entry & exit alerts. This technology provides you to effectively enforce safety rules everywhere with instant violation alerts.

How Does The Litum Tag Badge Compare to Other Technologies? 

If you invest in an RTLS UWB Demo Kit from Litum, you’d know just how convenient the technology is for your business. From better security and compact build to superior precision and a wider coverage spectrum, with Litum UWB RTLS tag badges, every employee can be easily tracked with unique and precise positioning. This eliminates any schedule conflicts or confusion as to who should be clocked in and when. 

Not only does this system provide up-to-the-minute accuracy for employers, but it also has the added benefit of ease of use for employees; no complicated punching in-and-out procedures, or manual time tracking required. 

FAQs About the Litum Tag Badge

The delivery will contain a single unit of the Tag Badge. Accessories should be bought separately.

MiFare function is not a default function of the Tag Badge but is available upon request. This function offers easy passage from turnstiles and doors by reading the tag closely during the pass.

The Tag device should simply be placed centrally on the charger and charged for 4 hours for optimal functionality.

The Litum Tag Badge has a waterproof rating of IP65 which suggests dust protection and water jet protection from all directions. However, it is advised not to submerge the badge in water for whatever reason.

Litum provides a detailed list of cleaners and disinfectants for the Litum Tag Badge and failure to follow such instructions will void the product warranty.

Litum - The Best Supplier of UWB RTLS solutions

Litum is the go-to for all of your UWB RTLS systems needs. With years of experience, dependable hardware and software solutions, and knowledgeable personnel on hand to help you customize any UWB RTLS system need, Litum can optimize how you track and monitor your business’s performance. 

We understand that you want an efficient yet cost-effective way to get real-time data and we’re here to provide just that. Utilize the latest technologies provided by Litum to build the perfect tracking system fit just for your operations based on your unique needs. 

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