Infant Security with RTLS

Prevent infant abductions and mix-ups with Litum RTLS system and tamper-proof infant trackers

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    According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, 43% of abducted infants were taken from healthcare facilities
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    The increased awareness of potential threats soothes parent’s fears while increasing costs for the hospital. Our Infant abduction alert system helps parents and hospitals to provide sustainability and infant security.

    Our infant security system creates a security layer around the nursery, maternity ward, and entry points. When any infant leaves the geofenced perimeter without authorization, automated alerts are sent to the appropriate staff and the building management systems.

    Newborn Tracking with RTLS

    Protect newborns from kidnapping, mix-ups, and potential health hazards with Litum infant security RTLS technology, create an effective safety net around the most vulnerable.  

    This UWB-based RTLS system uses infant trackers, worn with ankle/wrist bands to constantly monitor the movement and position of infants. It is possible to scale our tracking system up to improve the safety of all infants and pediatric patients at hospitals and urgent care clinics of any scope or size. Litum RTLS can be installed  in large urban hospitals as well as smaller facilities.

    Tamper Proof





    Limit movement outside geo-fenced areas for maximum infant security

    Only authorized nurses and the mother are authorized to carry the infant out of a geo-fenced (pre-defined) area. If an unauthorized staff member or someone who isn’t wearing a tag attempts to leave with the baby, then an alert is triggered informing the mother and the appropriate staff members.

    Improve health monitoring with built-in sensors

    Built-in motion sensors track infant movement in a non-invasive way to provide constant health monitoring. Inactivity alerts let hospital staff know when the baby stops moving for an extended period of time. Our infant bracelets also register sudden inertia, such as when a baby is picked up by someone.

    Geofencing for Infant Security


    Leverage motion sensor data to identify and alarm when a tag is not in the proper use


    Real-time monitoring of arrival and departure times within the hospital and care units


    Accurate and detailed time reporting by each hospital and care area. Data-driven tracebility and decision making


    All personal privacy rules and regulations are considered and respected

    Compact size

    A compact wristband with wireless charging and long battery life

    Newborn Tracking

    How infant security tracking works?

    Newborn and its designated caretakers wear our lightweight, compact trackers. Each unique UWB tag transmits signals to the RTLS anchors installed throughout the facility, and Litum RTLS software processes this information to constantly monitor newborns’ movement and position.

    In case of a security breach, alerts are generated in order to inform the designated caretakers and the building management system. With this tracking solution, you will be able to proactively act against mix-ups and kidnappings. In addition to the security, it will also provide effective usage of your staff resources.

    Resources on Real Time Infant Tracking

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