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Benefits of RTLS to Warehouses & Logistic Centers

Benefits of RTLS to Warehouses & Logistic Centers


Warehouses can be dangerous places to work. As we mentioned in our previous blog post, injuries sustained in warehouses account for a significant portion of all workplace injuries in the United States. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), more than 50,000 workers are injured in warehouses each year. Not having real-time insight into your production elements leads to numerous safety violations, inefficient employees, and suffering vehicle movement. 

Real-time location tracking and the entities that enable high accuracy visibility of operations, the real-time location systems, are crucial to bringing about a transparent production process to manage and grow your moving world. 

RTLS for Warehouses & Logistic Centers

Business owners with large warehouses and logistic centers need to be always present on the field to supervise production. 

However, it isn’t possible to be present at multiple places at once, especially in a warehouse environment, overseeing your employee’s safety and behavior, ensuring optimal vehicle routes and reduced collisions, as well as asset tracking and inventory.  This is where a real-time location system comes into the picture, offering invaluable insight and real-time data into the entirety of your operations. 

The cutting-edge RTLS technology combines with the Internet of Things to connect your facility with the vehicles and employees, to give you real-time location data of all business processes. 

Here is a detailed outlook on the benefits that RTLS warehouse logistic centers experience, ensuring warehouse operations efficiency for any business. 

The Benefits of Employee Tracking

Employee Tracking - Benefits of RTLS to Warehouses - Employee monitoring

RTLS systems can improve communication between staff and residents in many ways. For example, RTLS tags can track the location of specific resident belongings, such as wheelchairs or walkers. This information can then be displayed on a central dashboard, allowing staff to quickly identify when items are needed and where they are located.

In addition, RTLS-enabled devices can be used to send real-time alerts to staff members when residents press their call buttons. This ensures that residents always receive prompt attention, even if they cannot physically reach a staff member. As a result, RTLS systems can help to improve communication and provide a higher level of care for residents with employee tracking solutions.

The Benefits of Forklift Tracking

Forklift tracker - Forklift collision warning - forklift driver safety

A significant number of warehouses and logistics centers have started using real-time location systems for forklift tracking and other material-handling vehicles. The goal is to boost efficiency by reducing the time it takes for drivers to find and retrieve products. 

In some cases, this can lead to a 20% improvement in the efficiency of driver/vehicle movement. RTLS can also be used to monitor forklift operation hours, which is important for preventing equipment failure and minimizing maintenance costs. 

In addition, RTLS can provide valuable data that can be used to improve warehouse layout and operations. By tracking the movement of forklifts, RTLS can help warehouses and logistics centers become more efficient and productive. 

The Benefits of Yard Management

what is a yard management - RTLS for Warehouses Logistic Centers

Having a virtually detailed insight into every driver movement on the shop floor gives you greater control over managing and improving idle time and working hours of both the driver and the equipment. 

While it isn’t practical to use RFID technology on every product or pallet that gets shipped into your facility, RTLS yard management systems help calculate inefficiencies and pinpoint just exactly where and how production time is lost or utilized by the drivers. 

Having an RTLS system in place reduces time wastage by offering precise pallet locations when needed. Additionally, costly accidents can be avoided by mapping out the ideal routes for a crane or forklift to travel. 

The Benefits of Asset Tracking

rtls for warehouses

Manual tracking of your inventory can be highly detrimental to your business especially when a single human error causes untold loss of resources or equipment damage. 

RTLS technology removes the challenges connected with asset safety by offering the management a virtual insight into all operations. Tracking raw materials is efficiently handled in a warehouse through advanced data analytics and supply chain visibility solutions, helping you track assets and find the right goods at a moment’s notice. 

Inventory tracking is made effortless through real-time tracking and audit automation that saves thousands when done manually. Not to forget the eventual reduction in asset loss since industries can keep a virtual eye on every delivery movement made on-site.

Available Litum RTLS solutions for warehouses and logistic centers

Litum’s IoT experts are dedicated to providing businesses with robust safety and operational systems with RTLS for warehouses and logistic centers. Our services include; but are not limited to;

In addition to ensuring the safety of your working environment, Litum’s RTLS solutions give you access to effective operation management, enhanced productivity, and efficiency, and offer invaluable insight into every aspect of your business processes.