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Meet Litum at NSC Safety Conference & Expo 2022!

NSC Safety Conference

Litum’s Safety RTLS Solutions at NSC Safety Conference & Expo 2022

The National Safety Council Congress & Expo attracts thousands of safety professionals continuing their journey by discussing ideas, trends, and best practices across various fields. It will offer more than 125 educational opportunities including Professional Development Seminars, Keynotes, and Technical Sessions. Litum will participate in the 2022 NSC Safety Conference & Expo exhibition.  NSC Congress & Expo 2022 will take place in San Diego on September 19-21.

Litum’s UWB RTLS technology secures people by providing continuous Lone Worker Safety to counter falls, wandering, and abductions while offering maximum location accuracy. Litum created a Forklift Collision and Proximity Warning to improve workplace safety. In a nutshell, it measures the distance between forklifts, operators, and pedestrians. And in case of a detected risk, it triggers alerts or where needed, automatically slows down the forklift if there is a severe collision risk. Litum’s another solution for safety, Mustering provides accurate headcounts, and instantly knows who is missing in case of emergencies with mustering access control.

Litum IoT solutions build a comprehensive digital pattern of all human and vehicle movements. This comprehensive indoor tracking solution protects, secures, and optimizes overall performance in facilities. Compared with other location tracking solutions utilizing Wi-Fi or passive RFID technologies, Litum’s RTLS services offer tangible benefits like location accuracy, improved safety & security with tamper-proof tags, and minimal infrastructure requirements. 

NSC Safety Conference

Litum has shown its success several times and managed to be one of the most trusted companies, including the Fortune 500 companies. This year at the NSC Safety Conference & Expo. Litum will have a chance to demonstrate various safety solutions for many industries. 

This year at The National Safety Council Congress & Expo2022, Litum will be showcasing its innovations and solutions at a new level. Litum will display its technologies at booth #2749. See you at NSC Tech San Diego and view our demo in the booth for this Safety Expo 2022.