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Meet Litum at DMEA 2022!

Meet Litum at DMEA 2022

Litum Healthcare RTLS Solutions at DMEA 2022

The DMEA Global Health Conference & Exhibition is a healthcare event where professionals of the global health ecosystem come together. Litum will again be a part of DMEA 2022 and demonstrate Indoor Tracking Services – RTLS for Healthcare solutions integrated with UWB RFID technology. The conference will take place in Berlin on April 26-28.

Litum UWB RTLS technology secures assets, provides continuous patient status tracking to counter falls, wandering, and abductions while offering maximum location accuracy. 

Litum Healthcare RTLS solutions build a comprehensive digital pattern of all human and asset movements. This comprehensive indoor tracking solution protects, secures, and optimizes overall performance in hospitals, clinics, and senior living centers. Compared with other location tracking solutions utilizing BLE, Wi-Fi, or passive RFID technologies, Litum’s RTLS services offer tangible benefits like location accuracy, improved safety & security with tamper-proof tags, and minimal infrastructure requirement.

Litum has shown its success several times and managed to be one of the most trusted companies including the Fortune 500 companies. This year at the DMEA 2022, Litum will have the chance to demonstrate various solutions to the healthcare industry. These solutions will include an RTLS system and tamper-proof tags used in Infant Security TrackingPandemic SafetySafety for Senior Living, and more.

Whether you are a hospital administrator, caregiver, or security service provider, RTLS is going to provide you with the optimum solution to provide for patient safety and management, empowering staff compliance to meet standards and delivering tracking control over assets.


This year at DMEA 2022, Litum will be showcasing its new innovations and solutions at a new level. Litum will display its technologies at booth #D-112!. You can see our demo located in the Litum booth. 

We are thrilled to be attending DMEA 2022 and getting together with the leaders of healthcare industry.


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