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How Litum Healthcare RTLS Improves Efficiency?

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In a fast-paced and ever-changing healthcare environment, hospitals must be well-organized and efficient to provide the best possible care for patients. Thus, it is essential to have a hospital RTLS in place to manage and locate assets, patients, and staff effectively. 

Healthcare RTLS is a beneficial way for hospitals to improve their efficiency and optimize their workflows. With a healthcare RTLS, hospitals can reduce the time needed to complete tasks and get a clear overview of the hospital’s inner workings.  


What is Healthcare RTLS and How Does It Work? 

Healthcare RTLS is a technology that uses real-time location tracking to improve the efficiency of a healthcare organization. Hospitals use Healthcare RTLS to track staff, equipment, and patient location in real time. This allows them to better manage patient flow, monitor care, and optimize logistics.  

RTLS systems usually consist of three main components: tags, readers, and software. Tags are affixed to objects that need to be tracked, such as patients or pieces of equipment. Readers are placed throughout the hospital and communicate with the tags to determine their locations. The software then uses this information to provide live updates on the locations of tagged objects. 

Hospitals use Healthcare RTLS for a variety of purposes, including asset tracking, inactivity alerts, patient flow management, logistics management, workload management, and claim mitigation.  

Case Studies on the Effectiveness of Using Healthcare RTLS 

A systematic review of existing Healthcare RTLS showed that the hospital system is useful and effective in process and quality improvement, patient safety, and workflow evaluation among staff and patients. Challenges remain in implementation and data management but with the continuous advancements in RTLS solutions, the future of Healthcare RTLS is optimistic. 

Hospital emergency departments are often crowded, resulting in mobility problems. According to a feasibility study on hospital real-time location systems, the introduction of a small, non-intrusive Healthcare RTLS can improve the organization, logistics, transport, and care in the emergency department. 

During the height of the COVID-19 outbreak in early 2020, effective contact tracing became crucial in preventing and controlling infectious disease outbreaks. A study conducted in a hospital in Singapore compared the effectiveness of the electronic medical record (EMR) with Healthcare RTLS. The Healthcare RTLS solutions scored higher sensitivity and specificity in identifying possibly infected individuals through contact tracing. By integrating this with the existing EMR system, the best performance for rapid contact tracing was achieved. 

Hospitals that have implemented Healthcare RTLS have reported improved patient satisfaction scores, reduced length of stay, and increased operational efficiency. Healthcare RTLS is a valuable tool for hospitals that are looking to improve their operations. 

Ways Litum Healthcare RTLS Improve Efficiency 

Asset Tracking 

Hospitals rely on many different types of assets, from medical equipment to patient records. Hospital staff needs to be able to quickly and easily locate these assets when they are needed. 

A major benefit of  RTLS healthcare is the ability to track high-value medical assets such as hospital equipment. With an RTLS-based healthcare system, hospital staff can quickly locate any piece of equipment they need, which reduces the time spent searching for assets and increases the efficiency of hospital operations. This can save a lot of resources and frustration, especially in emergencies.  

Inactivity Alert 

Another advantage of RTLS healthcare is the inactivity alert feature. This feature allows hospital staff to be notified when a patient has been inactive for a certain period. This is particularly useful in cases where a patient needs constant care and supervision. By being alerted to a patient’s inactivity, hospital staff can take measures to prevent any potential complications.  

healthcare rtls and staff workflow rtls hospital rtls - patient flow

Patient Flow 

An RTLS also provides valuable insights into the patient flow. By understanding how patients move through the hospital, staff can identify bottlenecks and take steps to improve the flow of traffic. This helps to ensure that patients receive the care they need promptly and that hospital operations run smoothly.  

Workload Management 

By tracking staff members with mobile trackers, managers can see which areas of the hospital are understaffed at any given time and make adjustments accordingly. This helps to ensure that staff members are properly utilized and that patient care isn’t impacted by staffing shortages.  

Get Your Healthcare RTLS From Litum 

Healthcare RTLS is an invaluable tool that can help improve efficiency in hospitals. By tracking assets, reducing search times for equipment, understanding patient flow, and managing logistics more effectively, hospitals can make significant strides in improving their overall effectiveness in providing quality care to patients. 

Litum Healthcare RTLS helps you track assets and staff movement in real time. This allows you to get actionable insights into how you can improve patient experience and care while optimizing internal logistics.  

Our RTLS technology uses real-time data collection, tracking, and analysis to help healthcare facilities manage their resources more effectively. This includes everything from personnel and equipment to medication and energy usage. The result is a healthcare facility that runs more smoothly and efficiently, with improved patient outcomes.  

We help make healthcare more efficient by:  

  • Giving you a comprehensive digital pattern of all human and asset movement, their use, and interaction 
  • Helping you optimize processes and operations for profitability
  • Providing you with the ability to quickly locate assets and staff in case of an emergency 
  • Improving communication between staff members 

Through the Litum Healthcare RTLS, you will be able to provide better care for your patients while also becoming more efficient and cost-effective. Reduced wait times for patients, increased staff productivity, greater visibility into resource utilization, improved infection control, more accurate asset location data, and enhanced security are some of the benefits you’ll enjoy with our UWB RTLS solution. 

Litum Healthcare RTLS Solutions can be applied to Senior Living, Patient Flow & Safety, Hospital Staff Tracking, and more.  

Contact us today so we can discuss how we can set up a Healthcare RTLS in your facility.