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Indoor Tracking Solutions for Workplace Safety

Improve workplace safety and comply with standards and regulations by deploying Litum's RTLS solutions

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workplace safety

Employee engagement in safety is a challenge. Let Litum help through the proper and easy-to-use RTLS technology and improve your safety performance.

Optimized for industrial environments, Litum UWB RTLS based solutions allow monitoring for unsafe conditions, receive alerts to potential hazards, enforce geofencing rules and safety restrictions.

Risk management

Better risk management with employee and lifting equipment monitoring in hazardous environments and instant detection of unsafe situations.

Lack of human error

Lack of human error for higher safety with autonomous systems controlling actions and alerts.

Regulatory compliance

Comply with all safety regulations, store data and report accordingly.

workplace safety

Case Studies

Find out how U.S.-based International Flavors Fragrances (IFF) has boosted worker safety and visibility for emergency response by deploying indoor tracking solution from Litum.
Litum has transformed how Ferrero conducts its evacuation exercises. It takes the company 70% less time to know that people are safely evacuated, or who still need to be located
Find out how Litum RTLS technology brings security to Grand Paris Express! Paris Metro is tracking the security of approximately 400 construction workers in tunnels as it expands its underground rail line.

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Almost done!

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