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Indoor Location Tracking for Workplace Safety

Your people are your greatest asset, and their safety comes first. Our Real-Time Location Systems (RTLS)
and software will maximize safety in your workplace.

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At Litum, we transform workplace safety through real-time location systems. Built on two decades of innovation, our technology touches human life every day by creating safer workplaces. Our precise location tracking technology provides visibility into real-time positioning of assets and employees, ensuring swift action in case of emergencies. 

The system’s geofencing capabilities allow for the creation of virtual boundaries, sending alerts when workers enter potentially dangerous zones, thus proactively minimizing risks. 

This technology not only aids in immediate emergency response but also contributes to a culture of safety by providing actionable data. By analyzing movement patterns and incident reports, we help organizations identify and mitigate safety risks, ensuring a safer, more efficient workplace.

Risk management

Manage risks more efficiently by tracking asset and employee movements in hazardous environments.

Minimized effects of human error

Minimize the effects of human error and enhance safety with alerts and autonomous systems controlling actions.

Regulatory compliance

Comply with your local safety regulations, collect data and report accordingly.

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Case Studies

Find out how U.S.-based International Flavors Fragrances (IFF) has boosted worker safety and visibility for emergency response by deploying indoor tracking solution from Litum.
Litum has transformed how Ferrero conducts its evacuation exercises. It takes the company 70% less time to know that people are safely evacuated, or who still need to be located
Find out how Litum RTLS technology brings security to Grand Paris Express! Paris Metro is tracking the security of approximately 400 construction workers in tunnels as it expands its underground rail line.

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Almost done!

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