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Indoor Tracking for Operational Efficiency

Location based insights to support better management of operations, tracking of personnel, assets, and processes

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operational efficiency

RTLS will help you locate, track, and monitor all critical resources to improve processes and optimize workflows with the ability to quickly backtrack and compare data.

Let Litum help through the most advanced UWB RTLS technology and provide insights that will show how to drive the most value out of your resources, improve efficiency, and reduce costs.

Workflow optimization

Identify and eliminate bottlenecks with real-time and accurate data, effectively manage labor and asset utilization

Cost efficiency

Gain total visibility of your assets to reduce lost, shrinkage, misplaced items and save the cost of owning and maintaining equipment.

Better quality control

Control every facet of the production process for efficiency, quality and traceability.

operational efficiency

Case Study

simeco case study litum

Find out how Simeco/TEKA has streamlined workflows and reduced human error for its kitchen appliances line by Litum’s custom process tracking system, powered by RFID technology.

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