Mustering Roll-Call

Instantly know who is missing

Get accurate headcounts, fast, in case of emergencies.

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    Precise and current

    Leverage integration with time-tracking and attendance systems, refreshed periodically, to keep an accurate roster of the employees, visitors and contractors onsite.

    Long range, wide coverage

    Count and report all personnel regardless of the number of muster points and the size of the area.

    Sleek tags

    Replace traditional ID badges for easy initial user conversion.


    System can be hosted on a secure cloud system.


    Instantly identifies and reports missing employees to minimize the risk of injury


    A tablet or a mobile phone is enough! No special hardware is required for mustering headcounts


    Doesn’t need external power or network connection to operate during an emergency


    Improves regulatory compliance and safety by eliminating manual procedures to count and identify people

    Mustering Emergency Roll-Call

    How Mustering Roll-Call Works?

    Litum integrates BLE Beacon technology into electronic ID badges distributed to all personnel for this automated mustering (roll-call) system. The badges transmit unique signals including the identity of each person wearing them. They can be read by tablets or smart phones from up to 50 meters.

    Our system also integrates with most time and attendance software systems to automatically refresh the attendance list.

    The refresh rate can be set on our software. It then compares the scanned IDs with the most recent attendance sheet to determine who’s missing.

    Our system runs on a cloud server and communicates through GSM, therefore it does not require a network or power connectivity. It therefore works uninterrupted during power outages and network failures.


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      Find out how Litum has transformed the way Ferrero conducts its evacuation exercises and any real-life events. It takes the company management 70% less time to know that people are safely evacuated, or who still needs to be located.

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