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Litum Automated Mustering Roll-Call Solution helps identify missing workers and remain compliant with government regulations. The panic of an emergency evacuation makes it difficult to manually count employees who arrive at an assembly point. Our evacuation headcount system automatically counts arrivals and reports missing persons in seconds Our system is highly mobile, allowing you to track employees wearing electronic ID badges from a long range using mobile phones and tablets. Each of our badges integrates a BLE beacon technology. Even with a power outage, managers can use their cell phones or mobile tablets to complete an instant roll call from a distance of up to 25 meters. The software uploads/downloads important data from a cloud-based server and uses GSM technology to communicate.
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Improve Regulatory Compliance & Employee Safety

Companies face harsh penalties from regulatory organizations for failure to meet established standards. Not to mention, the potential that exists for loss of life or injury when employees haven’t evacuated a hazardous building or work site.

With this muster point management system, you can instantly see who has arrived at an assembly point and who may still be inside. This integrated BLE/RFID technology makes it easy for companies to meet OSHA safety standards, and the requirements of other state and federal organizations.

Our unique system operates even during power outages thanks to sleek, lightweight electronic badges with a built-in battery. The battery lasts for years and actively transmits a signal that can be read by any tablet, or cell phone. Litum roll-call & assembly point management software:

  • Downloads Time & Attendance data
  • Provides a current list of employees and visitors on site
  • Instantly counts employees at muster points
  • Displays who’s missing

Provide Accurate Information to Safety Personnel

With an automated headcount you'll be able to provide emergency services & safety personnel with accurate information about who may still be inside. Knowing which employees haven't shown up also means you can use the RTLS to look up where each employee was at the time of evacuation. Emergency personnel can use this information to get an idea of where to start a search operation.

Provide Elegant, Easy to Use ID Badges to Workers

Our BLE badges are designed to look and function like traditional ID badges to ensure workers comply with wearing them at all times on company grounds. They are sleek, lightweight, and can be worn on a lanyard or with a belt clip. With a long battery life, you don't need not worry about changing or recharging for years.

Why choose Litum?

Your company can minimize the panic during emergencies and provide safety personnel with vital information in seconds. Our automated mustering roll call system makes this possible without any hardware installation or external power/ network requirement.
  1. Take automated headcounts at muster points using tablets and cell phones
  2. Operate independently of power grid or a wireless connection
  3. Consolidate multiple assembly points to provide current data on assembled employees
  4. Ensure regulatory compliance

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