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Monitor staff movements, assign tasks, allow automatic access to authorized areas, and improve staff safety using the RTLS hospital staff tracking and safety system from Litum. With our system, managers and hospital directors are better able to serve patients and staff members. Our technology improves productivity with real-time location tracking of each staff member and multi-function software capability. Our convenient badge IDs allow you to monitor patient interactions, hours worked, and staff location more accurately and automatically. Each staff RFID tag is designed to be worn via a lanyard or a clip at all times. It is read & located by the RTLS anchors readers located throughout the facility that use the UWB frequency to receive and send data. Our RTLS doctor tracking technology is applicable in hospitals, clinics, surgeries, and even medical school and training hospitals.
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Track the Movement of Hospital Staff in Real-Time to Improve Safety & Efficiency

There is a delicate balance between respecting the privacy of staff members as they move throughout their day and monitoring staff for their safety and to improve productivity. It’s necessary to be able to find doctors, nurses, and other staff members quickly, but manual processes often take minutes when seconds count. RTLS hospital staff tracking is the technology needed to bridge that gap.

Our software, that can be accessed at nurse stations, on mobile devices, and cell phones. It displays a digital map of the facility with real-time display of each ID tag and the direction it is heading in. Easily track down doctors and specialty care providers when their assistance is required.

Improve Staff - Patient Interaction

Get a better idea of how often doctors and staff members visit patients, and how much time is spent with each person. Armed with this data, you get a better understanding of how patients are treated, so you can take action to improve any potential patient care issues.

Our system is set up so that you can assign tasks to individual staff members, and they can also be notified of already scheduled tasks. The system acts as a gentle reminder to visit with patients and deliver certain services. The RTLS hospital staff tracking software also logs the time of each patient visit and task completion automatically in our system.

Focus on patient care rather than tracking minutes
Enjoy more accurate hourly tracking
See if a patient is being attended to by someone
Track visit times and optimize visit schedules
Attend to rounding duties more consistently

Track Staff & ER Room Care Hours

Managers receive down-to-the-minute monitoring of man-hours with our staff ID badges. Each ID tag automatically switches on and off as the staff member enters or leaves the hospital grounds. It monitors exactly how long doctors work on patients to improve capture of chargeable time. Use the RTLS doctor tracking software to account for emergency room care, standby hours, and time spent on paperwork.

Why choose Litum?

Each of our convenient RFID tags also come with an call button so staff members can request assistance. This feature is useful for dangerous situations, staff lockouts, or a patient health emergency. They also have inactivity and inertia sensors to detect if the wearer falls suddenly, may be seizing, or has stopped moving.
  1. Automatically track staff hours, emergency room care for more accurate billing
  2. Easily find staff members within the hospital or medical facility
  3. Give staff a way to call for help with an emergency call button; inactivity and man down sensors
  4. Automate access to secured areas by tying staff ID badge to security systems

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