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Accurately track man hours, improve safety, limit access to sensitive equipment and areas, and improve productivity with the Litum IoT Employee Tracking RTLS System. Our system allows you to protect your employees, your business interests, and the bottom line with less expense and time involved. This unique active-scanning technology uses the ultra-wideband (UWB) RTLS to send and receive data from rechargeable ID badges provided to your staff. Enjoy continuous, real-time, long distance employee tracking within your facility. We create a wireless tracking mesh network throughout the building and grounds that monitors the movement of each employee ID badge. Where can the RTLS personnel tracking system be best used? It has applications in manufacturing, warehouses, mining, oil and gas production, airports, and hospitals.
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Reduce Costs & Man Hours

Managers spend a large part of the workday to ensure everyone is on task and productive. The extra man hours and time spent can be saved with the installation of a RTLS staff tracking solution. Our long range employee tracking system constantly monitors staff movement in a facility. Managers can see when workers walk in the door, get to a workstation, and leave for breaks or at the end of the day. This data is stored in our RTLS servers and can be used when determining employee pay. Cut out the non-value added time that appears on an analog timecard, so you can avoid unnecessary payroll expenses. Our system also prevents the costs associated with worker injuries and compensation claims by providing down-to-the-second location data for employees during emergencies and accidents. Know where everyone is and what they were doing at the time of an accident for potential insurance claims!

Protect Workers in Emergency Situations

Our RTLS employee tracking system is designed to provide assistance in emergencies. Each RTLS badge is equipped with a panic button that workers can press when they need help. Our badges are also equipped with motion sensors that detect when employees haven't moved for a long period of time. They send out an automated alert to the appropriate staff whenever an inactivity alarm is triggered. You can also see exactly where employees are in the building when an emergency has occurred.

Replace manual and inefficient digital tracking systems

Litum RTLS system and its software is very user-friendly, allowing companies total control and visibility of the entire tracking system.

• Track man hours more accurately
• Prevent unauthorized access to equipment
• Secure private areas with geo-fencing
• Create attendance reports
• Analyze historical data
• Observe visitor and contractor activity
• Integration options with existing ERP/ HR Systems

Why choose Litum?

Litum provides turnkey RTLS systems including all hardware, badges, software. We provide ongoing technical support. Our technology partners are in over 35 countries who provide local services.
  1. Monitor the movement and location of employees with submeter accuracy
  2. Monitor lone workers for improved safety; ID badges equipped with panic buttons
  3. Automatically record staff location data for future reference; compensation claims
  4. Identify and eliminate non-value added time to optimize workflows

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