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Infographic: How Litum’s Staff Duress RTLS Works

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In healthcare settings, ensuring the safety of staff is crucial. The rising frequency of workplace violence incidents highlights the need for more effective safety measures. Litum’s Staff Duress Solution, leveraging advanced Real-Time Location System (RTLS) technology, provides a comprehensive solution that enhances staff safety and ensures rapid response during emergencies.

The Growing Need for Enhanced Safety Measures

Recent surveys highlight alarming statistics: 40% of healthcare workers have experienced some form of violence, according to the World Health Organization. Furthermore, 1 in 4 nurses reported being physically assaulted, according to a 2019 ANA Survey. Additionally, a staggering 80% of healthcare professionals report feeling safer when equipped with a duress badge. These figures underscore the critical need for implementing effective safety solutions to protect healthcare professionals.

How Litum’s Staff Duress RTLS Enhances Safety

Litum’s Staff Duress RTLS enhances safety by equipping healthcare workers with smart badges capable of sending instant alerts with the press of a button. These alerts, combined with real-time tracking, enable security personnel to quickly locate and assist the staff member in need. Here’s a detailed look at how the system operates:

  • Real-Time Location Tracking: A robust RTLS mesh network ensures precise location tracking and seamless communication, enabling quick and effective responses to emergencies. Ultra-wideband technology provides sub-meter precision, crucial for quickly locating staff in distress and enabling immediate response.
  • Smart Badges for Immediate Alerts: Each healthcare staff member is assigned a smart badge. In times of distress, a simple press of the badge sends an instant alert to security personnel, notifying them of the exact location of the staff member in need.
  • Instant Response and Coordination: The system detects and shows the badge’s location signal within the facility in real time. Security personnel receive the alert instantly, allowing them to respond promptly. This rapid response can make a crucial difference in preventing harm and ensuring the safety of the staff.
  • Guided Emergency Response: Real-time location data guides security directly to the staff member in need, ensuring no time is wasted. This feature is particularly valuable in high-risk areas such as emergency departments or psychiatric units, where quick intervention is critical.

In an industry where every second counts, Litum’s Staff Duress RTLS provides an essential layer of protection for healthcare workers, acting as a silent guardian. By combining real-time location tracking, instant alerts, and advanced customization options, the system ensures that help is always within reach, enhancing the overall safety and security of healthcare environments. Implementing advanced safety solutions like Litum’s Staff Duress Solution is essential for protecting healthcare workers, ensuring rapid responses to emergencies, and fostering a supportive work environment.


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