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Litum Healthcare RTLS systems provide location based quality data in order to help improve the quality of the services you provide to your patients, and to immediately identify and respond to any safety issues of your patients & staff. Our RTLS systems are designed to meet the unique requirements of hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Litum utilizes the cutting edge UWB RTLS technology that delivers sub-meter location accuracy and highest sensitivity. Our best-in-class RTLS hardware when combined with our RTLS software helps automate processes, personalize services, protect infants, patients, employees, senior residents, and improve utilization of hospital equipment.

Improve safety for infants, patients, hospital staff
Eliminate search time, improve asset utilization
Improve workflows and care hours
Improve family satisfaction

Want to gain visibility and total control over operations?

Our team of RTLS and RFID experts will work with you to determine the most effective solution and the road-map to a successful implementation that maximizes your ROI. We deliver turnkey RTLS systems with flexible integration options to your healthcare IT systems. Our global partner network and support teams are the key to the success of every system we provide.

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