EMS Inventory Tracking System

Track in-vehicle inventory to prevent loss of valuable equipment. Keep your fleet well-stocked.

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    Prevent Loss of Equipment

    Emergency medical services are called out to multiple locations each day to help those in need. The average arrival time to the scene is 19.3 minutes. During each call, EMTs may bring medical equipment out of the EMS to treat patients before bringing them to the hospital. Given the hectic pace of emergency rescue, it is not uncommon for valuable equipment to be left behind.

    Litum EMS inventory tracking system continuously monitors inventory inside the vehicles to prevent loss, shrinkage and theft of valuable medical assets. With Litum EMS inventory management software, you have the peace of mind that you’ll always be able to account for your valuable investments without loss to your response time.

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    Keep Your Fleet Well-Stocked at All Times

    Litum EMS inventory tracking system is a live auditing tool for your entire EMS fleet. It monitors the presence and usage of the vehicle’s inventory. Managers can monitor when equipment leaves the vehicle when a vehicle needs restocking.

    Track Your Fleet With Inventory Status

    The location of every EMS in your fleet can easily be tracked to within a few meters via satellite and the display map will highlight vehicles that are not properly stocked,using our powerful RTLS asset tracking system. Staff can restock at the station or go back to retrieve equipment that was missed. The EMS inventory management system also generates a paramedic list of those currently assigned to an EMS for person-hour tracking and verification purposes.

    Keep a real-time in-vehicle inventory​

    Prevent under-stocked EMS from leaving the station

    Network Requirement

    Monitor the entire EMS fleet on a live city map

    Flexible Integration

    Track equipment left behind

    Asset Protection

    Automate asset check-in and check-out

    Claim Mitigation

    Get notified when equipment needs recalibration

    How EMS Inventory Tracking Works?

    Litum EMS inventory tracking system utilizes a Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) connected to the GSM network to send data to our cloud server. The VCU picks up the signals sent from the active RFID tags, affixed to each medical equipment.
    The presence of every item in the EMS is monitored at all times and transmitted to your EMS station by Litum EMS inventory management software. If the tag moves out of range or stops transmitting, our system is set up to alert staff members and paramedics. 

    The system can even track items by usage and custody. Litum RTLS EMS inventory tracking system is perfect for independent and county ambulances, hospitals, and fire departments with EMS fleets.

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