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At Litum we develop software for manufacturing companies in order to improve operational efficiency, quality, and compliance. Our software and mobile applications make shop floor data accessible, available, meaningful for all layers of the management.

01Task Management Software - Camiila

A collaborative SaaS application for task & project management

02Inspection & Audit Software - Inspectivo

Mobile software for process and facility inspections, ergonomy audits, and all checklists

03Skills & Training Software - Skillmanager

Software for assessing and developing skills: manage skill matrices, gaps, trainings

04WCM & TPM Software - WCM Platform

Software suite for managing all WCM Pillar activities under a single integrated platform

Task Management Software - Camiila

A collaborative SaaS tool for task & project management

Camiila brings task management, team communication and file sharing in one place to integrate business communication and coordination under a single, secure, managed platform. Teams that use Camiila don't use a different application for everything they do; they focus on completing, not following-up the work.

Manage tasks, actions, personal agenda

Camiila brings broken business communication under a single application

Reduce email and message traffic

Create tasks and keep communication under each tag

Protect corporate knowledge

Enable new team members get up to speed quickly from where their colleagues left off

Inspection & Audit Software - Inspectivo

Improve the way you manage inspections & audits

Inspectivo is a mobile software application to automate audits, inspections, and checklists of any kind. It automates manual operations including process inspections, 5S, ergonomics, and safety audits. Inspectivo seamlessly works on multiple platforms, and provides a reliable reporting tool that is based on reliable data.

Reduce the time & cost of audit management

Conduct audits with your cell phone, get assistance for each inspection point, see audit routes, get instructions.

Improve data reliability

Identify inspection points with unique barcodes or RFID tags. Display independent set of questions for each.

Eliminate paperwork

Store data on a maintained, secure server. Improve compliance, never lose any data.

Skills & Training Software - Skillmanager

All the tools in one place, in order to make sure your employees have the required skills to perform their jobs today, and their potential is maximized for tomorrow.

Say goodbye to overwhelming spreadsheet-based skill matrices. With Skillmanager it's so easy to assess and track skill levels, monitor skill gaps, and plan trainings based on those gaps.

Save time on skill matrix management

Reduce the time and effort of managing skills using spreadsheets

Streamline training planning & management

Provide a streamlined, transparent platform for skill gaps, training planning

Improve WCM compliance

Skillmanager is built with the world’s leading WCM experts, and with the best practices in the industry

WCM & TPM Software - WCM Platform

Manage all WCM pillar activities under a single, integrated software platform.

WCM - World Class Manufacturing requires a variety of procedures, techniques, and principles in order to efficiently operate and manage a manufacturing company. Litum provides an integrated software that helps manage every pillar activity, supported with real-time analytics, where reliable data enables informed decision making.

14 integrated software modules

Prevent data entry redundancy, improving information flow

Managing all WCM Pillar operations

Modules for Autonomous Maintenance, Cost Deployment, Quality, Safety & Health, and more.

Advanced analytics

Supported with real-time advanced reporting tools

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