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Employee Tracking RTLS

Real-time employee tracking for any industry from warehouses to hospitals and senior living centers

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Optimize Your Operations

Gain workflow and workspace optimization based on indoor location intelligence, workforce condition, and workspace utilization using our RTLS employee tracking system

Implement Business Rules for Safety

Implement any business rule, such as social distancing, zone access control, and maximum occupancy enforcement. Automatic reports on any transgressions against business rules to ensure workplace safety.

Turn Data into Insights

Differentiate between value-added and non-value-added employee activities. Get heat maps and interaction reports with real-time tracking of locations.


Highly accurate and continuous, long-range and real-time employee tracking


Accurate and detailed time reporting by each work area


Real-time insights into arrival, departure, and breaks by work area and function


Standard size employee ID badges with wireless charging and long battery lives


Compliance with privacy rules and regulations

How Employee Tracking RTLS Works

Litum integrates ultra-wideband (UWB) RTLS technology into wireless rechargeable employee trackers, in ID badge or belt clip form. These badges work in conjunction with our RTLS mesh network to create an invisible “indoor location tracking system” that provides precise location insights.

Litum’s indoor locating technology ensures that accurate information is captured and fed back to the RTLS software, empowering you with operational visibility. 

This system also allows you to create geofences, limit access to sensitive areas, and send automatic alerts to designated people in case of violations. Finally, you will have access to reports and data analytics to better inform future decision-making processes.

A business rule engine (BRE) is a software component that allows non-programmers to change the business logic in a business process management (BPM) system. A business rule or statement is required to carry out a business policy or procedure. Business logic uses data in a database and a sequence of operations to carry out the business rule.

Litum BRE allows businesses to create as many rules as they require to manage safety and efficiency in their operations effectively. Business rules could be as simple as “social distancing” or as complex as “crane work zone safety”.

A location engine is a server that interprets all the data the RTLS system is collecting through its mesh network. At the end of this process, spaghetti diagrams, heat maps, and other types of data reports can be produced, all depending on your unique challenges. Through these engines, our RTLS system for employee tracking can help you make data-driven decisions to improve workplace safety and efficiency.

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