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For the companies who chose to be World Class, a variety of procedures, techniques, and principles need to be closely managed in order to achieve success. Litum provides tools to manage the information in an integrated software platform. WCM platform is supported with real-time analytics and a plethora of customizable reports that helps manage every pillar activity with clear objectives.
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WCM Management

Litum WCM Platform helps manage information flow between teams, pillars, departments, suppliers, and customers towards the goal of zero waste and zero breakdowns. It is an integrated platform that consists of 14 optional modules, where data flows between each.

14 integrated modules

Daily Management: Reports waste, OEE, and various production/quality/maintenance metrics
SmartCast: Factory wide display network of real-time KPI's and targets
Tag Follow Up: Enables employees to attach electronic tags on a machine, place related to AM, project, SHE
Analysis: Manages tasks to reveal the root cause/find the preventive actions of quality issues, stops, breakdowns, safety issues, complaints
Meeting Management: Organizes, manages and keeps records of all meetings within an organization
Training: Tracks employee skill levels and measures gaps to plan/manage trainings
Shift Reporting: An electronic shift log book that stores and archives shift activities
Overtime & Leave: Processes overtime and leave requests, manages approval workflow
Team Management: Manages activities of cross-functional teams with the objective of problem solving & improvement
Action Management: Manages the lifecycle of each action assigned to employees within an organization
Awarding: Tracks & calculates award points based on the involvement in teams, action completion, suggestions
Suggestion: Provides a platform where employees enter their suggestions of any kind, and manages workflows

Real-time analytics

Data is collected from the machines and the PLC system, and reported with real time analysis. Compared with targeted levels and between lines, shifts, months. Easy to capture reporting of KPI's, including OEE, OE, MTTR, MTBF, waste, quality, & speed loss.

Machine Ledger

machine ledger

Manage meetings & actions

Organize, manage, and keep records of all meetings. Create meetings of any type, record meeting minutes, assign actions, publish to all participants. Track and report actions based on employees, departments, and completion.

Improved compliance

Companies using Litum WCM software platform significantly improve WCM compliance and internal/external audit results.

Why choose Litum?

Litum is the expert in WCM, TPM and Manufacturing Execution Systems with proven track record of 15 years in over 35 countries worldwide

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