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Skillmanager is the preferred software of WCM People Development pillars to manage Competencies, Skill matrices, Gaps, and Trainings at all levels of an organization. Skillmanager is consistent with the requirements of WCM People Development (PD) pillars.
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“Litum Skillmanager helps us a lot by

– saving important amount of time to prepare training plans for all processes and to monitor the actions during the year,

– automatically connecting the major losses in production with the competences that need to be increased

– addressing the time coming from non-value added activities (following bureaucracy) to value added activities (becoming a trainer).”

Benedetto Lenza, WCM & Engineering Manager

Tetra Pak, Italy

Save time on skill matrix management

Reduce the time spent on skill matrices by 80%, and on training management by 35%, compared to using spreadsheets!
Map skills according to 5 levels from 0 to 4. For each skill, track and report ideal level, personal target, and current level. Group employees under a ranked tree structure. Assign multiple roles or positions for each employee.

Analyze Gaps

Perform multi-dimensional, role and position based gap analysis. Calculate gaps based on multiple criteria, including the skill type, position, work area, shift, WCM role, and more.

Assess, Plan, Evaluate Trainings

Define trainings based on prerequisites to attend, skills improved upon completion, available trainers, training materials, cost breakdown, etc. Automatically calculate requirements, generate trainee lists based on gaps. Update skill levels upon training completion. Schedule trainings. Evaluate trainings. Make post training exams.

Advanced Reporting Tools

Gap radar charts, gap pareto analysis, skill improvement graphs, gap closure graphs.
Training effectiveness, completed trainings, cost with breakdown, training evaluations (trainer, training material, training room, etc.), attendance, and more.

Why choose Litum?

Litum develops WCM & Lean Manufacturing Software for many international organizations since 2004. Skillmanager is built with the help of world’s leading WCM experts and with the best practices in the industry

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