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Gather vital data for potential recalls and warranty management, and verify authentic branded products using the RFID traceability system and software. Litum RFID solution allows you to track components and merchandise, even years after they are purchased by customers. The RFID traceability system uses a wide selection of RFID tags inside of merchandise. such as washing machines, dryers, vehicles, and even high-performance industrial equipment. They are used for later scanning to gather important product and manufacturing data. Our RFID readers are placed at customer service desks, retail locations, and in repair and maintenance departments, in order to read tag contents and connect with the tracking software.
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Quickly Identify the Source of Defective Parts and Components

Companies spend millions of dollars in man hours and resources to track down the cause of manufacturing defects that lead to frequent breakdowns or even dangerous accidents. When your company relies on an RFID traceability system to monitor manufacturing, returns, and warranty requests, this process becomes much simpler.
You can monitor these departments to see what merchandise or equipment receives the most service requests. By scanning the RFID label affixed inside the product, it’s easy to gather essential data, such as:
• Manufacturing Date
• Place of Manufacture
• Brand & Type
• SKU Number
• Purchase Date
• Batch Number

Some equipment may contain multiple components manufactured in different facilities. Affix each component with an RFID tag to make it easier to track down which facility and even, assembly line, produced a defective part.

Protect Your Brand with RFID Tags

RFID also protects your brand by serving as another layer of authenticity verification. Counterfeit equipment and parts without these labels are easily identified. Consumers can always verify that they have purchased a branded product, even when purchased secondhand. Our durable, RFID labels can be scanned through metal, so there is no issue with the reader recognizing an internal tag.

See Detailed Product Warranty Information

When customers bring a product back for servicing or a repair that is covered under warranty, it is easy to confirm by scanning the RFID tag. Our RFID traceability software can pull purchase date and warranty information from your servers to display for local retailers. Instantly see if a product is still covered under the warranty and how much longer the warranty is good.

All the Products & Services You Need

Litum delivers turnkey RFID traceability systems, including:

  • On-metal and non-metal RFID tags
  • Stationary RFID readers
  • Handheld RFID readers
  • Industrial RFID antennas
  • Installation & Training
  • ERP Integration
  • Maintenance

Why choose Litum?

Litum is a dedicated industrial IoT and RFID applications provider with technology partners in over 35 countries. Since 2004 we have been assisting manufacturers and retailers with preserving their reputation and brand identity
  1. Reduce costs associated with tracing QA issues; quickly collect data from returned, and defective equipment
  2. Collect and analyze data to identify products that may be affected by defective components
  3. Improve customer satisfaction with more accurate warranty and service coverage information
  4. Eliminate concerns about counterfeit products with internal RFID tags; obtain instant brand verification

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