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Reduce the time spent searching for assets, improve equipment maintenance workflows, measure & improve asset KPI's, minimize theft & asset loss by Litum RFID Asset Tracking System. Our system helps reduce unnecessary purchases & rentals, the number of lost, stolen, misplaced assets, reduce shortages and can bring your company huge annual savings. Our asset tracking services are available in almost all industries including manufacturing, mining, oil&gas, healthcare, construction, retail, finance, hospitality, and more, with use cases of returnable transport unit tracking, IT asset tracking, tool tracking, manufacturing equipment tracking, office asset tracking, consumables tracking, and hospital equipment tracking.
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Save Cost & Effort, Optimize Utilization

Companies are spending a lot of time & money accounting for their fixed and mobile assets. Downtime and delays in production, failures due to missing or broken equipment, failing to comply with regulatory certifications, unnecessary rentals and procurements are amongst most common problems. Litum RFID asset management makes use of RFID technology which is made up of:

  1. RFID tags, which can be read simultaneously from long distances with no line of sight required
  2. RFID printers that encode and print RFID tags
  3. Fixed and mobile RFID readers that can read up to 100 tags/second and from 2-10 meters away. Our solution uses both mobile RFID readers and fixed RFID gateways in order to improve real time location accuracy and asset security
  4. RFID asset tracking software, which provides all details about the status and location of assets while also making counting and inventory at your fingertips. It keeps you up to date with alerts for maintenance, calibration, and misplacement.

Identify small tools in harsh, dirty environments.

Litum makes it easy to tag and track small tools that work in harsh conditions. We identify and track every small tool with tags designed to withstand incredibly harsh conditions (shock, paint, dirt, grease, water, etc.). Our system is a very reliable that help reduce tool loss, and to track maintenance & inventory at all times. It provides a fast and easy check-in, checkout system for tools and mobile equipment. The system can be expanded to automate kiosks, tool cribs.

Track assets with availability, reservation status, maintenance-calibration schedule. Track repairs.

With Litum RFID Asset Tracking System, you can book assets for a project, task, production order, meeting, etc. and display potential conflicts. Our system limits the use of critical equipment by only the certified and skilled technicians. You reduce unprojected downtime by monitoring maintenance-calibration schedules, and report aging assets that present higher risk. In fact, our system alerts you for recurring maintenance for the duration of the asset's lifetime in order to help prevent breakdowns. The system keeps historical data to allow for further analysis, and to help measure performance of maintenance & repair operations.

Why choose Litum?

Litum RFID Asset Tracking System is used by many large companies around the world. It supports the use of multiple technologies and devices, including mobile RFID, RFID gateways, beacons, and active RFID tags.
  1. Dramatically reduce man hours associated with manual asset tracking
  2. Eliminate search time, reduce loss & theft, attain a real-time asset visibility
  3. Analyze asset usage to optimize workflows
  4. Improve compliance with internal audits, state and federal regulations, and accounting department requests
  5. Track maintenance and calibration schedules
  6. Improve asset use and function by keeping items in correct location
  7. Easily integrate the RFID asset tracking system with SAP or other ERP software

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