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Streamline check-in/out, speed up shelf management, and minimize theft using our library management RFID system. Litum RFID technology helps libraries run faster and more efficiently on tight budgets. Keep your man hour costs low and maintain a well-organized facility. We provide fixed readers, gateway readers, and handheld RFID and barcode readers for librarians to use in processing and protecting materials. Our long-lasting RFID labels and tags can be affixed to all kinds of items, including books, audio tapes, video tapes, CDs, and DVDs. Litum also provides a RFID library automation software that allows libraries to manage their large catalog of materials, including the check out/in process and shelf management.
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Operate More Efficiently & Speed Up Check-In/Checkout

Libraries often have a limited budget to maintain their catalog and provide public services. This leads to compromises, such as fewer staff members, longer check out lines, and shorter business hours. Reduce the costs of daily operation and maintenance by installing an RFID book tracking software.

Use our technology to make checking out materials faster with a fixed reader that can scan an entire stack of books in seconds. Set up automated checkout for patrons who want to avoid the line.

Library management RFID systems allow libraries to streamline their operations by:

  • Scanning Books Faster & From a Distance
  • Automating the Check-In/Out Process
  • Speeding Up the Manual Check-In Process
  • Replacing Magnetic Strips & Barcodes

Organize Shelfs and Identify Mis-Shelved Materials

With the handheld RFID scanner, librarians can quickly take inventory of an entire shelf in seconds. The scanner will read each book's RFID tag and create a list of what is on the shelf. Our system can also compare this list with what is supposed to be on that shelf to identify mis-shelved books or missing books.

Prevent Theft and Loss

Library management RFID systems help keep theft to a minimum with the use of geo-fencing. Set up automated alerts that sound or send a text alert whenever materials that haven't been checked out are removed from the building. You can establish multiple geo-fences around archival rooms, the audio/visual section, or even employees-only areas.

Complete set of products & services

Litum provides all the software and hardware you need, and can tie the system in with any pre-existing ERP software:

  • RFID gateways
  • Mobile RFID scanners
  • Software & Integration
  • Installation & Training
  • Maintenance

Why choose Litum?

Used by private companies and government organizations around the world, Litum has experience tackling the unique concerns of each client. Litum library management RFID system meets the needs of libraries with all required software, hardware, and labels. Litum can tie the system in with any pre-existing library management software.
  1. Reduce checkout times and lines at busy locations; scan stacks of materials quickly
  2. Automate check-in and checkout with self-service stations for patrons
  3. Streamline the inventory and shelf management process; scan a shelf in seconds with mobile RFID readers
  4. Prevent theft using geo-fenced perimeters that sound automated alarms and send security alerts

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