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Inspectivo is a mobile software application that streamlines inspections, audit management, and checklist automation. It can be used for process inspections, 5S, safety and ergonomics audits. You can define specific checlists, multiple choice, free text or numerical questions to each point. Inspectivo eliminates paperwork, reduces labor, and provides reliable reports based on reliable data. With detailed reports and real-time alerts, it is ideal for manufacturing, retail, mining, petro-chemicals, construction, facility management, and field services companies.
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Conduct audits with your cell phone/mobile device

Inspectivo is a smart system supported with statistical process control (SPC) and data analytics tools. It helps early detection and prevention of problems even before they occur. You can attach images, OPL’s, instructions, and other files. With the action management function, create and assign tasks to responsible staff members, monitor completion. Store data on a maintained, secure server. Improve compliance, never lose any data.

Identify inspection points and define separate control lists for each

Each inspection point is identified by using unique barcode or NFC (RFID) labels that cannot be copied. Users are prompted to scan the ID label with their mobile devices before the inspection or audit questions are displayed. This also ensures that the operator physically is at the inspection point, with a timestamp automatically given by the server.

Define inspection routes

You can define the routes to follow for each type of inspection. The routes can also be automatically calculated by Inspectivo based on the inspection intervals or the skill level of the employee performing it.

Assign actions, update and monitor status

Inspectivo Audit Software guides operators to take the initial action if the the observed values entered at an inspection point require immediate response. OPL's (one point lessons) can be displayed at that stage if required. The system can also be used to create and assign tasks to other individuals or departments if the inspection results require further action.

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