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Prevent loss of assets, keep better track of vehicles, and improve compliance with maintenance and repair requirements using the Litum IoT In-Vehicle Inventory Tracking System. This technology allows businesses to keep a better track of their highly mobile assets and the valuable equipment contained within vehicles. Our RTLS equipment tracking system utilizes a Vehicle Control Unit (VCU) that receives signals from Bluetooth (BLE) beacons attached to assets stored in the vehicle. The data from these signals is sent onto your headquarters or the vehicle station house where Litum's Vehicle Inventory Management Software is installed on your computers. Our VCU uses the GSM network to communicate with your computers. Finally, we have installed a GPS module in the VCU which allows you to see exactly where each vehicle is located with an accuracy of a few meters. The RTLS asset tracking system works equally well for busy airports trying to monitor ground support equipment or a mobile tech repair company with a large fleet spread across the city.
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Stop Relying on Manual & Barcode Inventory Counts

Companies usually rely on drivers to keep manual track of the inventory inside a vehicle. This process is time-consuming. Even with the use of barcode scanning, workers still have to pick up and scan the barcode on each asset in a vehicle. With our RTLS equipment tracking system, inventory tracking is done continuously and automatically. Drivers can focus on work or dealing with emergencies, while Litum’s software counts inventory, records check in/out, and alerts drivers when an asset hasn’t been returned to the vehicle.

The In-Vehicle Tracking System minimizes the costs and man hours associated with keeping track of these things. It also helps make inventorying more accurate, as computer software does the work in seconds and repeatedly. This technology also helps you with:

  • Limiting vehicle and equipment usage to authorized personnel
  • Setting up an alarm that sounds when equipment is removed from the vehicle
  • Sending alerts when the vehicle needs restocking
  • Seeing the maintenance schedule and repair needs for every asset in a vehicle
  • Recording historical data on vehicle movement, equipment usage

Prevent Costs Associated with Equipment Replacement

EMS, maintenance, and technology providers can have some valuable equipment inside their mobile fleet. It hurts the bottom line when these assets are lost, misplaced by staff, or stolen from vehicles. The VCU keeps losses at bay by tracking every item in a vehicle. Our RTLS asset tracking system sounds an audible alert when certain equipment is removed, and also sends out automated alerts when unauthorized persons try to remove equipment or use the vehicle.

Monitor Maintenance and Repair Status of Equipment

Our Inventory Management Software allows you to manage the maintenance of sensitive equipment inside the vehicle. Set up scheduled maintenance and calibration requests. Check the maintenance status of items within the vehicle. Set up alerts that trigger when equipment needs maintenance soon. Our system also allows you to review the repair history of assets.

Why choose Litum?

Our automated system ensures that all of your assets are available to personnel when needed. There are no monthly fees or hidden costs. It not only reports the real time inventory inside the vehicle, but also the location of each vehicle.
  1. Monitor vehicle inventory at all times; VCU continuously checks inventory levels
  2. See vehicle location via GPS module; VCU sends location data to servers
  3. Prevent asset losses from misplacement or theft; audible alarms sound on removal
  4. Improve asset availability, reduce breakdowns and repair costs with maintenance tracking

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