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Optimize maintenance flow, cut costs associated with break downs and repair, and improve visibility with the Litum Maintenance Optimization System. For many healthcare businesses, maintenance is a large chunk of the budget. Complex and finely tuned equipment needs regular maintenance and oversight to keep it functional. When this process isn't handled well, assets start to get overlooked and break down, interfering with daily operation and your bottom line. Litum provides an RTLS asset management system that consists of of Equipment Tags that use the UWB RTLS frequency to communicate with fixed readers (anchors) positioned throughout your facility. Each tag has a Maintenance Call Button that hospital staff can press to call for assistanceAll of this data is sent to Litum's asset management software, where the status of each piece of equipment is displayed on a digital map of your facility. The maintenance optimization system is an excellent option for any facility that relies on valuable equipment for daily operation, including hospitals, ambulance services, and medical clinics.
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Keep Essential Equipment Operational & Avoid Breakdowns

When equipment isn’t properly maintained, it breaks down more often, requiring repairs and potentially interfering with work. In a hospital, this could even be hazardous to the patient’s health. Litum has developed a way for medical care facilities to automate the maintenance process.

Streamline your work flow and give the maintenance department a better overview of the care requirements of your valuable equipment. Our maintenance optimization system allows hospital staff to easily call a technician at the press of a button, while Litum software logs the maintenance history of each item. Use this software to:

  • Flag critical equipment that needs a replacement while in service
  • See where assets are located at any given time
  • Improve interactions/service to hospital staff
  • Create maintenance reports for review

The Convenience of a Maintenance Call Button

Each equipment device tag has a Maintenance Call Button that hospital staff can press to call for assistance. The system can be set up to alert appropriate personnel whenever a button is pushed, such as someone from IT or a Maintenance department. Litum Asset Management software will record the time the button was pushed, where the equipment was located at the time, and specific device details.

Keep an Eye on Breakdown History

Essential devices in a hospital environment must be replaced when they 'crash' a certain number of times. Our maintenance optimization software keeps track of how often repairs are required on each piece of equipment. You'll be able to easily identify which asset is close to requiring replacement with our maintenance history reports and tracking.

Why choose Litum?

Our RTLS system goes beyond this basic location service by introducing call buttons, and maintenance report and analysis creation, so facilities can make the most of their assets.
  1. Ability to call maintenance automatically; maintenance call buttons
  2. Monitor and track location of hospital equipment in real-time
  3. Prevent breakdowns through improved maintenance service
  4. Ability to identify frequently malfunctioning devices needing replacement

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