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Streamline visitor registration, improve access control to an event and special areas, and gather important visitor data with the Litum RFID event management system. Our system is designed specifically to improve logistics and attendee management with RFID technology. Litum provides the fixed gateway readers and handheld scanners necessary to identify visitor ID badges as guests move throughout your event. We also provide a selection of RFID cards with UHF, HF, and dual-frequency options. Visitors can utilize our software at computer stations for self-registration, or event employees can set up accounts and provide badges to visitors at registration tables. The RFID event management system fulfills access control needs at trade shows, expos, museums and galleries, theme parks, or concerts. Use it to reduce man hour costs for extra staff, reduce wait times and lines, eliminate issues with counterfeit tickets and badges, and even set up wireless payment options for event merchandise.
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Manage and Monitor Visitors Through RFID

Trade show organizers, event production companies, and theme parks often have trouble controlling unauthorized access to their facilities without making visitors upset by delays or long lines. Many man hours are spent manually checking the tickets and ink stamps of visitors. Even free events can require registration, so organizers can obtain valuable visitor behavior data.

With our RFID event management system, businesses can cut down man hours and staff needs, keep lines down, and automatically gather data as visitors move through an event area. The RFID tags that you hand out to visitors will ping off of our gateway readers and fixed RFID readers at key entry points and booths. The data is logged in our system and automatically:

  • Identifies Each Visitor
  • Monitors Movement Through an Event
  • Provides Access to Special Areas
  • Allows Purchases from a Prepaid Account
  • Alerts Staff When Visitors Enter Unauthorized Areas

Control Access to Special Exhibits

Events that offer special paid exhibits and rides can utilize our badges as part of an RFID access control system. Gateway readers and scanners at entry points can automatically ping on badges, sending the data to our software to confirm whether or not the visitor has access. With our RFID event management software you can set up multi-level ticket plans for:
● Standard Entry Tickets
● VIP Tickets
● IMAX Tickets
● Special Rides or Exhibits

Learn More By Collecting Visitor Behavior Data

Most importantly, event organizers can track the movement data of visitors to see which exhibits are more popular and how long guests linger at each spot. It can also be used for targeted marketing after the event, such as sending specific coupons and mailers to guests depending on the booths visited. This data can also be valuable for improving traffic flow and determining which entry points require more security.

Complete Set of Products & Software

Litum RFID delivers turkey solutions including:

  • RFID gateways
  • Desktop USB RFID readers
  • RFID printers
  • RFID cards & labels
  • Software
  • Installation & training
  • Maintenance

Why choose Litum?

Litum specializes in developing wireless tracking solutions for demanding environments where manual observation can be impeded. The large number of visitors, constant turnover, and high security requirements make events an ideal place to implement our expertise.
  1. Streamlined event operations and visitor management with RFID badges and readers
  2. Automated data collection of visitor movement, popular exhibits, and purchases made; more accurate marketing
  3. Reduced man hours and labor needs for event management and security around exhibits
  4. Better and faster access to special events and exhibits for visitors with authorization

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