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Protect patients, tissue samples, and valuable medical equipment with dedicated RTLS Environment Monitoring Solutions. In areas where temperature and humidity are critical factors, Litum can improve your ability to protect assets and people. We'll install room level readers in dedicated areas, such as staff areas, patient rooms, and laboratories, that are equipped with sensors to closely monitor for unwanted changes. These specialized room level readers monitor the air temperature and moisture levels constantly to ensure they remain within a predefined temperature range. Use our environment monitoring system throughout the hospital, a clinical setting, in hospice care, and in testing laboratories.
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Keep Patients, Equipment, & Samples at Stable Conditions

When there is a failure with the environmental controls in sensitive or dedicated areas of a medical facility it can cause patients to suffer and delicate samples to become damaged. Extra time, energy, and costs go into replacing lost samples, equipment, or getting patients back to a stable condition. Avoid the problem altogether with our RTLS environment monitoring system. This technology can also help you to remain compliant with government regulations and safety requirements as our software keeps records of environmental conditions for later reference.

It can help prevent problems with rooms overheating or getting too cold by alerting the appropriate staff as soon as temperatures exceed acceptable ranges. Each reader regularly checks in with our RTLS environment monitoring software to provide you with down-to-the-second updates and alerts. All you need to do is access the user interface to see what the current temperature and humidity levels are in each room.

Automated Environmental Control

Streamline your facility by employing Litum technology to provide real-time tracking of both temperature changes and automated environmental control. Tie our system in with your heating and cooling systems to have it instantly adjust the temperature and humidity without human intervention

Alerts When Maintenance is Needed

If the RTLS environment monitoring system isn't able to adjust the temperature and it reaches a dangerous level, it can send out an alert calling for immediate attention. Set up the system to send automated alerts to maintenance, IT staff, or medical staff assigned to that particular department.

Why choose Litum?

Litum experts based in over 35 countries make the installation and application of the RTLS environment monitoring system straightforward. We provide software integration to interact with your building automation system. We'll also provide training and ongoing support to keep the system operational.
  1. Maintain a stable room temperature and humidity level at each room
  2. Receive automatic alerts when environmental conditions exceed safe levels
  3. Automatic control of room conditions with predefined parameters
  4. Reduce repair costs with instant alerts that could indicate a problem with the atmospheric controls

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