Smart Phone RFID Reader

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Smart Phone RFID Reader

Smart Phone RFID Reader

U Grok It helps control operational costs by increasing the ability to effectively identify individual items

Convert Your Smartphone Into a RFID Reader

UGrokIt brings the power of efficient, affordable inventory and asset management to the iOS and Android devices you use everyday. It is based on standard UHF Gen 2 RFID technology.

With a 2-3m read range (up to 7 m in ideal conditions) and the read speed and accuracy, it provides all features you requre from a mobile RFID reader.

UGrokIt helps!

  • Uniquely identify and track RFID tags
  • Respond to physical objects with specific content
  • Track attributes for tagged items
  • Quickly search and locate items
  • Efficiently count groups of items
  • Develop mobile RFID apps